Architects highlight sustainability of new IOP building

The building is a fairly calm building
in a conservation area, and it’s got a welcoming face which is open, and then when you go inside the building
it’s got inclusive facilities such as the exhibition area. What excites me most is its being
sustainable – and then its being very sustainable – so its BREEAM is very, very excellent. We have got the geothermal heat pump system so we’re providing 100% of the cooling,
and the heating is a hybrid system – geothermal led with a
boiler backup. We have put in an adaptive comfort strategy to allow the internal temperature to drift
against external. We have optimised the ventilation strategy so that we’re maxing out the free cooling. We’ve got solar PVs on the roof, which
provide a good chunk of the electricity. The thing that’s exciting me most about
this project was the ability to work with the end user. We were able to put some strategies
into the building that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to do
with, say, a speculative office. The Institute is also going to be analysing
the building, providing feedback into how the building
should be run. I believe in making London a better, more
open city for all through its application of technologies that
are appropriate not just for the building but also its urban
context. I believe in picking the correct
solutions which are appropriate, not overcomplicated to build and are also
simple to maintain. I’d love to be in that space and working there. hope that users will be as well. When the visitors go there they’ll enjoy
and be excited by it, and when you’re a worker kind of in the
office floor as well then you’d enjoy and be delighted by it.

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