Arata Isozaki, 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize

My name is Arata Isozaki, Architect. I was born in Oita City, Japan. Around the time when WWII was about to begin. My first encounter in architecture was ground zero,
no architecture, no city. I became interested in how
architecture and a city can rise up from ground zero. When it comes to a peacetime, you cannot
be adventurous, but are quite mild and tame. However, there is a time when
anything is alright as long as it is interesting. Just hit it and never mind a mistake. There is such an era. But from time to time We question “What is Architecture?”
its meaning, its theory, and to think very deeply An architect is not someone just designing a building but it is how an architect operates
in times to come. For this paradigm shift now,
emerges an architect of a new era an architecture of new time. We can revel what was hidden,
for things have became too superficial. We can further deepen our understanding.
I believe we have such possibilities now.

7 thoughts on “Arata Isozaki, 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize

  1. humble guy, he bring new spirit for what exactly architecture is in Japan, so glad to see him with 2019 pritzker prize

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