Apollo 11 HoloLens 2 Demo | Microsoft Build 2019 | Unreal Engine

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning welcome to Microsoft build my name is John Knoll and I’m the chief creative officer at Industrial Light and Magic the Apollo moon landing was the cutting edge of 1960s technology and today with the help of my friend and author of a man on the moon and each Aiken hi everybody we’re gonna recreate the mission with some 21st century technology using the power of Unreal Engine and hololens to Andy well you know Apollo 11 landed on the moon July 20th 1969 50 years ago I was seven years old I was 13 and I’ve been waiting for it for a long time and what made it possible was this the saturn v moon rocket the most powerful rocket ever successfully flown 363 feet too long and each of its three stages had its own job to do firing for a few minutes and then falling away and it was all to take this Apollo spacecraft and three astronauts all the way to the moon you know one of those really a conic memories images from the Apollo program was the image of this interstage ring falling back away from the second stage you know I’ve actually wondered what that ring was for so the story is that when the second stage was ready to ignite it was weightless and so was the fuel inside the tanks the drains for the fuel are down at the bottom so they needed some method to force the fuel to slosh down to the bottom so the this interstage ring has got these for solid rocket haulage motors and they fire to provide a little bit of thrust to make that that slosh happen so the engines can ignite cleanly okay and then once the engines do ignite the fuel stays at the bottom exactly so having done its job they drop the ring away to save weight amazing Apollo engineering well let’s take a look at the entire Apollo 11 vehicle on the launch pad at pad 39a at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and now we’re gonna see Apollo 11 lift off and send Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins on their way to the moon so you can see as the stages expend their fuel they’re dropped off again to save that way here’s the interstage going off go stage two and the only portions that leave Earth orbit are the third stage and the Apollo spacecraft and when they do leave Earth orbit they’re traveling at 25,000 miles an hour which is still the fastest that humans have ever gone so on the long the translunar Coast the command module separates and now Mike Collins is driving and he is going to use the small maneuvering thrusters to do a kind of a pirouette and there is a docking mechanism that’s in the nose of the command module and he slowly approaches lunar module until the docking mechanism engages the top part of the LEM he pulls the LEM free from the now spent third stage and there’s your Apollo spacecraft and the last thing that has to happen before they continue is that they turn the spacecraft so that the sun is shining on the side and they initiate a very slow rotation they actually called it the barbecue mode to even out the sun’s intense heat it’s to avoid baking just one side now the lunar module the part that’s actually going to land on the moon is the ultimate in form driven by function engineering you know for me that’s what really makes it beautiful it had to be as lightweight as they could possibly make it so for example in the crew cabin in the asset stage the walls are only about as thick as a few sheets of aluminum foil it’s just no concessions at all to our dynamics or anything yeah because it only flew in the vacuum of space so it didn’t need to be aerodynamic it’s like a giant metallic insect all right so they arrived successfully at the moon Neil and Buzz transfer into the lunar module and they begin what amounts to a controlled fall down to the surface and there are some tense moments as they make their way down to the moon I mean there’s computer alarms that threaten to abort the landing but the experts in Mission Control tell Armstrong and Aldrin that they can keep going and once that’s that’s happened and Armstrong gets a good view of where it is the guidance computer is taking him it’s right to the rim of this giant football stadium size crater that’s got boulders all around the rim that are the size of automobiles he thinks I can’t land there right so Armstrong at this point takes over semi manual control and he steers the lunar module past the big crater and flies on were hunting for a safe place to land but knowing that his fuel supply is diminishing as he’s coming down the thrust of the engine starts to pick up dust from the surface and that dust starts to spray out a radially away from the center and starts confusing Armstrong’s perception of where he’s moving laterally and that’s a big concern because he really wants to come down straight down to avoid breaking off a leg or tipping over you can see he’s wandering around a bit and when he finally does come down he’s he’s sliding left a bit and that’s because the the sheet of dust is making him think he’s going coming right finally they touch down and it’s so gentle that neither of them feels the actual moment of contact with the moon now seven hours later they’ve put on their suits they depressurize the cabin they open the hatch and here comes Neil Armstrong emerging from the lunar module to climb down that ladder on the front leg of the Lander and so because that landing was so gentle the struts didn’t really compress you know they were designed to take that impact of landing and so they’re not compressed so there’s a much bigger step there between the bottom rung and the pad but in the moon’s one-sixth gravity it’s no problem at all so he’s down in the foot pad and now he’s going to be very careful very methodical he’s describing the appearance of the very powdery surface and now it’s time to take that historic first step onto the surface of the moon and the immortal quote that’s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind I’d like to give a big thank you to the team at epic and Microsoft enjoy the rest of the event thank you

50 thoughts on “Apollo 11 HoloLens 2 Demo | Microsoft Build 2019 | Unreal Engine

  1. 1:28 Timing boys……….timing. If you are going to do a bit at least rehearse it before hand.

  2. How'd this one go under the radar ! Incredible work.Very inspired. Was the compute streamed to their headset or was that all processed locally on the HMD

  3. Amazing! 1st time I see this. I don't see cables on the headsets…so is it just connected wireless to a massive PC behind the stage or is a full indipendent headset? That's the most important thing to me. Just saw it costs $3500 so I imagine will have a business company market, out of gaming area…

  4. again with the fake presentations, that dont represent, how it actually looks in hololens? Same as the minecraft one a few years back >.>

  5. Ah the intro demo tht failed from that boring Developers Conference.

    So this is prolly some later replay recorded footage then, that they decided to just release online then so their hard work and their PR partnership with Unreal wouldn't get wasted

  6. I dislike these holo presentations, in general, as they are dishonest about how it actually look and feel and too many scams has been done on the misinformation or straight up lies in advertising.

  7. Imagine a strategy game with this. Control over armies real time marching through youre livingroom!!!!

  8. So unfortunately this demo kind of oversells the actual visual experience. Since we people of youtube are looking at the demo though a specialized camera we see all the models perfectly overlapping and blocking out the view of what's behind it. If you were using a hololens you should actually see a lower res image that has bleedthrough of whatever is behind it.

  9. wait can unreal engine render transparent background now?

    i've been wanting to use it to replace photoshop and 3d renderers but it will only render black

  10. Пустой зал, в начале ролика, побоялись накосячить при публике! Х-)

  11. I understand that the Unreal Engine 4 is powerful but does the UI have to be so clunky? It literally feels like I'm trying to make a videogame with a Nintendo or something…

  12. This proofs that the moon landing was fake and Unreal already had this 3D VR tech since back then.. 🙂

  13. The magic day will be the day when they can perform a demonstration like this, and nobody has to wear anything except their prescription glasses (if needed) to see it.

  14. How ironic, a hologram of the moonlanding.
    Same technology as used in the International Fake Station?

  15. the graphics team did an impressive job! this was a very pleasant presentation as far as i'm concerned. no idea what the product is but it looks exciting at the very least..

  16. At the end they only showcased some basic AR and cool animations.. Come on Microsoft. Create more appealing content for the Hardware you create

  17. I wonder if the graphics are this good in the hololens 2 it's nearly release date, can't wait to see what real purchasing consumers will say.

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