Apex Construct Review on Oculus Quest

everybody dad don't take you today we're checking out EPX conservative nayaki his quest oh but seriously like to thank five travel games for giving us this room eat will copy yeah this is one of the games I was Wilson besides the floor on the quest so let's get into it this game is full locomotion with comfort options integrated so is teleport it's very useful for getting over rocky rocky parts of the map like this one no but seriously I gotta give the developers a hand on that one good job both the game consists of finding key cards ok dorks with them looking on computers I know dass get it using those computers to get codes and put in putting a fuses and breaker boxes that's what I like to call my place the inventory system helps you with all of this that's a giant robot head there I am Oh oh man that's a giant robot head let's get out okay let's talk about the combat combat combat is pretty good it it actually naturally works with the inventory system it has a sealed it and an arrow although I can't I can't shoot while I'm using my seals so that's the bummer but I had a in the heat of battle I'd take a long time to land my shots three hours finally the combat system is really engaging almost like you're really there the inventory system helps with it too when you finally get our kill them you pick up RP you can use it back at the home base to upgrade your weapons armor well-sealed or even help but if but be careful if you die you lose all of your on banked RP hey guys that's it for my ASIS contract video don't forget to Like and subscribe again another thanks a fast travel gainful for fighting the copy as always see ya

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