Apex Construct – Launch Trailer | PS VR

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: We're now fully installed
in this remote northern base, and work on the body
is progressing well. It feels weird to say it, but Fathr seems almost happy. FATHR: I really hope
you're ready for this. MOTHR: Are you here to
cause problems for me? FATHR: Don't trust her. MOTHR: I could always
build more children. FATHR: I didn't want
you talking to her. MOTHR: There's only one of you. FATHR: Something is wrong. MOTHR: He doesn't understand.

42 thoughts on “Apex Construct – Launch Trailer | PS VR

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  2. Looks great, I just hope they come out with some updated controllers for VR in the near future, I always have problems with the current ones not syncing to my movement and position properly.

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