29 thoughts on “AMT Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1/2500 Scale Model Kit Build Review AMT1126

  1. I've enjoyed following your builds. I have a question for you at min 12:30 where you are adding the decals to the underside of the ship you are the solvent from the bottle with the black lettering while you have a bottle of with the same name but with White lettering could you inform me was is the difference in the two please. Thank you and keep up the great videos

  2. “ The main thing is to have fun” – truer words never spoken, Chris. This phrase should be on the mind of every modeler – thanks for bringing the joy back into kit building for me – I was one of those clowns that drifted off into everything having to be perfect and honestly not enjoy modeling like I did when I was a kid. Thanks for another great video and build up, I always learn something from you even though I’ve been modeling for almost 50 years.

  3. Still in awe of your rattle can artistry. My Enterprise looks as if it got to close to a super nova and the hull is melting with all the paint runs. lol KUTGW Chris. Great towel tip.

  4. I have this kit, also from Round 2 although where it did come with he same decal sheet. it did Not come with a stand. So I'm having to scratch build a stand for this kit. BTW that was the Navigational sensor array you were talking about. if you look up photos of the studio model that was sold at auction it shows in full color the of the model from every angle possible. Also there is a video on youtube of this kit where a modeler shows step by step where he drilled out all the view ports after doing the decals and assembling the kit and he filled the ports with krystal clear and lit this little model up.

    Currently I'm working on both this kit which is awaiting a primer coat from the airbrush soon as the weather warms up and I can get into the shop. and also I have the round 2 22 inch cutaway TOS Enterprise. which was a gift from my niece and her husband for Christmas. which I have cutaway the inaccurate interior and glued the hull parts together to turn it into a full hull kit. which is to scale to the AMY 1/537 refit. but am converting some parts to turn it from the production Enterprise to the pilot version. and intend to light it up.

  5. I have the old model kit Enterprise D in 1/1400 scale.
    Doing a sort of refinish. Appling the Aztec decals and then registry decals, then a light seal coat…
    Enjoy all your work on the great starships…

  6. Man I love when you do a vid good review for me to see said kit always great and helpful iv not even watched the vid yet👍

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    One of those guys, maybe Dilbert's boss, DOES sound like you. At least I think so… I KNOW I heard a voice like yours on animated series!
    It's not an insult… At some point or another, we encounter a doppleganger of ourselves or someone who sounds like us in pop culture!

    And now we return to the model shop!

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  8. I think it needs to be emphasized WHY they do the Enterprise-D in 1/2500 and 1/1400 scale from AMT/ERTL, Round 2/Polar Lights/whoever owns the rights this year!
    It's because the Enterprise-D is literally twice THE LENGTH of the original TOS Enterprise. And the saucer on the Enterprise-D is MUCH broader than the other ships.
    Think on that…
    The 1/1000 scale TOS Enterprise is 11-12 inches long, the classic AMT/ERTL TOS Enterprise (1/650?) is 18inches long and 22inches long in the cutaway version. The 1/350 TOS Enterprise is 32-33 inches long.
    Think about all those lengths which are FAIR SIZE kits and double them and that's why THEY DON'T release Enterprise-D kits in 1/350 scale or 1/1000 generally. It would be a horrendously expensive kit ($250 minimum; probably over $300 for a 1/350 scale) and the TOS Enterprise is already over $120 generally speaking. The saucer section of the Enterprise-D alone would be heavy and there already are kits that have severe balance issues with the saucer (Excelsior class) and drooping neck issues (Klingon battle cruisers).
    What is available from Star Trek on styrene aren't even the most expensive kits on the market. That Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon from Bandai is $330-$340 in the standard release (no lights) and it's 18 inches long which isn't even the largest Falcon kit out there (which would be the Studio Scale DeAgostini based on the 32-inch TESB Falcon model; that's over $2000). The level of detail, R&D, and licensing costs (SW isn't a cheap license) drove the costs of that kit to a record for a mass-release science fiction kit.

  9. Man that looks awesome. I can't wait to get started on my 1/350 refit Enterprise. And I have 2 of the older Enterprise D kits in my stash I need to get busy on.

  10. I ordered the ACE model Russian Staff Car in 1/48 and I wanted to know if you have built the ACE Models Soviet Staff Car in 1/48 I hear from others that have that it's a Bear to make.

  11. Fah, you kids these days and your included decals. Why back in my day I had to order aftermarket for mine… 🙂

    But another great build sir. I think the only thing I might have done differently is to sand off the raised panel lines.

  12. Thumbs up from me, specifically for living through all the pain of putting them decals on. Nice job.

  13. Looks good mate, well done. I see an Enterprise build in my future, but I’m enjoying cars too much at the moment haha. I started a 1/350 Bird of Prey a while back that I really should finish some time soon

  14. So cool that was the second star trek kit i did back in the 90s, i used auto paint as well did all the windows buy hand.

  15. Just make sure Riker stays far away from the Captains chair. Bad things happen to D when he sits there.

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