76 thoughts on “Adding Animations to Your App (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 5)

  1. How do i change color of my status bar icons and texts In White AppBar Of Flutter, i asked this question because while i change my AppBar Color in white then my status bar icons appears hidden why?

  2. सच्चाई और अच्छाई की
    तलाश में चाहे पुरी दुनिया
    *घूम लो*…

    अगर वह खुद में नहीं
    तो कही भी नहीं

  3. Maybe I'm very used to watch online courses with edited videos, but this video looks veryyyyyyyyyy slow like they are thinking a lot on what to say, what to do or what to type next

  4. I recommend listening/watching at 1.5x or 2x speed. Unless you want to try to race us programming your own HN app in real-time. 😉

  5. #BoringShow How about explaining bloC like i'm five. The same as dev.to
    Example of setState like im five
    "You want to use a pencil, its in the pencil case, inside the pencil case, there's a lot of tools inside, all of them are organized, then you took the pencil inside the pencil case, after that you call setState and all of your tools inside the pencil case will get to re-organized"

  6. I'm not sure if it fits this show, but could you guys possibly bring a design expert at Google on for an episode to really make this app look nice? Just going in depth into theming and styling and best practices

  7. Love the live coding without editing the mistakes!
    It'll be awesome if you can build an app that streams music, including all the controls like play, pause, skip x amount of seconds, etc.
    Keep it up! I learn a lot from the show

  8. Hey Filip and Emily, very cool what you're doing. Matt Carroll's Flutter tutorials are a success. Would you consider bringing him to the Boring Show?

  9. Another great episode, I really enjoy the #BoringShow and what you guys are trying to do. I may not understand some of it purely because I have never written dart. But the show definitely inspires me to try learn dart as well as encourages me to try out flutter.

    So thank you guys!
    Some suggestions of apps for the next few episodes could maybe be something that is like an that a user can use that tracks (stores information) something, for instance say I have a collection of books, users can have a profile with a collection and categories. Don't know if that makes sense. Very keen for the next episode!

  10. Interplying Locomotions to your NeurAl Network mApp.
    Code/Cascade; time crystalline.
    As taught by the Word of Reality, of All-Seeing God, Eye in tHis human vessel.
    Step by step. By I, the LORD of the World who has been the Master of the Eternal Spirit many many
    times over; Michael (as I AM today); Jesus; Laozi; Adam; etc.

  11. What is the benefit of making your isLoading bool a stream as opposed to making it a variable in the state of the widget and just setting the state and changing the bool when you load the data and finish loading the data?

  12. Hey guys you created a course in Udacity for Flutter , so can I after watching the full course build Complex Apps like instagram and Facebook

  13. Hi team google! today i saw your remotly controlled car, to make the view for google maps. i saw you car in Dej, Romania

  14. Hello, we are starting to translate the Flutter docs to Spanish, so we are hoping to help all the people that want to learn Flutter but have some problems to understand English so maybe next time u can say hello to all Spanish speakers that are pretty amazed by Flutter and say hello to the team so we can work better and harder. 😀

    Thanks for the #BoringShow i have been watching your videos this week and we definitely need more about animations, i will happily watch another hour about tween and animations.

    Todos los que gusten colaborar con el proyecto de traducción de la documentación de Flutter es bienvenido https://github.com/flutter-es/website/wiki/Como-colaborar solo intégrese al equipo!


  15. What is the difference between
    import 'package:boring_show_example/src/serializers.dart';
    import 'serializers.dart';
    Because I had a nasty problem where my json wouldn't parse, and it was because of this import!
    It was throwing "type '_$Article' is not a subtype of type 'Article' in type cast" no matter what…

    I was following what you were doing, and had the same folder structure. Everything was the same except for this import.
    Couldn't figure out what was wrong until I found your code in github and started comparing it line by line with mine.

  16. Maybe this is stupid… But couldn't you return a Future of a List of Articles and get the Future state, as done, loading etc… And use it for the progress indicator?

  17. Maybe you should change the bottom app bar to go to a new page, instead of getting a new stream, so you can show how to use pages.

  18. here we do not just learn to do flutter stuff, it also gives a good idea of how our mindset should work to solve a problem

  19. If this is what Google keeps doing I'm going to forget how to code complex animations and logic and end up never getting a job at Google T_T

  20. Have to say the format of this show is excellent. It really reflects real life programming and the decision making and errors that are made on a daily basis

  21. One of the coolest shows I ever seen
    Keep going
    We are really getting benefits from such shows
    Good luck

  22. Is there a way to add onPressed or onTap to the AnimatedContainer? If not, then what is the best way to do it? Thanks

  23. from where you bought that stickers on your laptop back…
    please provide link of that….please please….
    i also want that

  24. Mam, I have a doubt, can you have a look at https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/39929 :-(. Thanks for this Video 🙂

  25. On min 10:20 they used BehaviorSubject with seedValue. Now you should use this: final _isLoadingSubject = BehaviorSubject<bool>.seeded(false);

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