12 thoughts on “Activists Take Over San Francisco Mayor’s Office Seeking Affordable Senior Housing

  1. Why don't people understand by building more apartment building, perhaps 10+ floors, prices will go down. It shouldn't be the government's job to give everyone a place of their choosing to live in.

  2. Seniors should be the PRIORITY, in housing and Financial assistance. Not these young, drug addicted, able bodied, leeches. That being said, there are small towns, that are affordable, and welcoming to seniors. Relocating is the best option, as these Political Elites, only serve their Corporate masters, and not the everyday peasant.

  3. What is it with the media putting a black face on camera all the time, you got all Chinese and whites marching and the fake news media finds the darkest skinned Mexican Panamanian or Filipino woman to put on camera for special effects, put a Chinaman or a white woman on camera and show her begging for housing.

  4. Ironic…..in yet all these fools still vote liberal. Good God the Bay Area is a mess, one incompetent crook after another becoming mayor. Only decent politician to come out of SF was Dan White.

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