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the business world is competitive and it can be a struggle for some companies to thrive action coach is a franchise dedicated to helping business owners achieve sustainable profit growth using sales marketing and management strategies Mick Thatcher has this report from the moment your business is up and running you can't afford to take your eye off the ball and you need to remain agile to avoid the obstacles to stay on course for growth at this dog training and daycare center in West Sussex they've worked closely with a business coach to expand their offer to customers so it now includes this on-site shop with its own branded products in my head I'm full of these like crazy ideas and things I think would do pretty well but I didn't really have the guts maybe to make a decision to do those sort of things so hen's action coach I met with Steve I felt he wanted to understand my business and I definitely wanted to do business with him and I think just by getting to know me in my business I did create that trust and just things like guarantees you know guaranteed to improve my business you know all I would have to pay money think and and that in itself you know it's a no-brainer it's a win-win let's talk about the the subscription box so where are we with it what do we want to do marketing wise Steve Mullins meets Jeff regularly to discuss his expansion plans and he told me how action coach can add real value to any business without a give you focus we're there to hold you accountable we're also there to help train and educate you on some new tools some different ideas and different ways to think and give you a different perspective but most importantly there to support you as a business owner and support you to get the growth that you desire it's been incredible over these last few years since being an action coach in the first year or 20 or 30 percent up the second year when a bit further last year it was 70 percent up and has 70 percent up in profits on our previous years of growth so it's been incredible and for more than 20 years action coaches fouls businesses and their owners around the world and in every category imaginable this model of business coaching is the brainchild of Brant sugars and it's his vision and reputation which has seen action coach expand with franchises in nearly 90 countries with plans for many more franchising suited our business because of our international expansion and also because in the local market I wanted to see someone that understood the business locally within connections with local people you know that really understood that market and having ownership at a very local level means that the level of service our clients get is very high here in the UK candidates wishing to become an action coach must meet strict selection criteria and undergo comprehensive and ongoing training if they're to qualify for an exclusive territory of 10,000 businesses to market into we're looking for people with an investor mentality that have leadership coaching skills been in management roles looking to build a serious team of coaches looking to build a serious business so it's people that have an appetite for business love learning love developing themselves and our role and responsibility is to support them on that journey and give them all the help they need to be able to grow and any action coach will tell you it's not just about wanting businesses to grow whether that's their own or their clients it's also about changing lives it's amazingly fulfilling because when you grow a business you change the life of the business owners and their families and you see those happy faces you get lovely comments from wives and children about how they're their dad or their mom is a new person and the person they always wanted but domini I work with the trades I work with build plumbers scat folders and my thing is to get dad's back at sports days so when my clients tell me they've gone on holiday until and their phone off or they get to buff their kids in the evening that's what it's all about for me it's given me a whole new lease of life in terms of my personal growth my ongoing learning journey and doing what I want to do which is serving serving clients of them get great results build better businesses to get to their goals action coach has also achieved Smith and Henderson's coveted five-star franchisee satisfaction award status seven times it recognizes everything from training and support to value and rewards you have a choice do I have a go out there and do this on my own in a non franchisee way or do I choose best franchise in the world for this type of franchise in our network we have a thousand business grow specialists as business coaches what do they love doing helping business owners succeed so you'll have that team around you that's a really cool thing that we offer you know a white-collar professional franchise the fact that you're surrounded with people that love helping their teammates love helping business owners succeed there's so many benefits to being a franchise partner with us but if you're part of a large organization that team definitely helps you in your growth you've got to be a part of a team that is wanting you to succeed in pushing you to succeed and it's not just about achieving success of franchise partners in their clients it's also about celebrating it and award ceremonies like these recognize how those partnerships can make a real difference for a coach and their clients we're very much in the community about seeing the positive and using that to inspire us put the fuel in the tank to take the next step we encourage our clients to celebrate their success and to celebrate with their own staff as well so that everyone is inspired to achieve more back in West Sussex they know all about the different success can bring it's been another record-breaking week in terms of takings in the shop the expansion here has also created an extra 20 jobs which in turn supports the local economy and by helping to make this happen action coach has proved to be this business's best friend

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