Abuja, Nigeria Real Estate – The Mansions Virus – International Business Vlog 40

this guy was very proud of his home all his life nice helm large garden but suddenly these other guys make him feel small forcing him to upgrade it's like a virus massive Halsey massive property private hell this is a single-family house massive all the houses on this street are basically the same size ugh was the critic forces everybody else to have them otherwise you are out casting

49 thoughts on “Abuja, Nigeria Real Estate – The Mansions Virus – International Business Vlog 40

  1. We have to build a real estate development in Lagos, Nigeria like that of Sheikh Zayed Road… Ginza… Palm Islands… Abu Dhabi Beach… Dubai Marina… Mitino District… Downtown Dubai… King Abdullah Financial District… Caspian Waterfront Mall… Dubai fountain.

  2. Why do I always see high gates & fences around the homes of the wealthy in socishitist cuntries? It as if they are imprisoned.

  3. What is the meaning of the video because you said one bigger that the other one..I never in my life see houses like that.

  4. I don’t respect all these mansion owners because they don’t make the money legitimately. Massive! Huge huge house, those who own the money used in building this houses are been killed by Boko Haram, poverty deprived of education, forced into child Labour, forced to migrate to perform acts of slavery, I can go on and on

  5. if our leaders can provide Nigeria with 24 hours power supply, I bet there is no European nation that can compete with us, am proud of Nigeria

  6. Probably some oil tycoons.

    An average family would rather spend this type of money sending their children 👪 to foreign universities , or at least private universities.

    Abeg, I no get that time to parade my money. Comot, make I deh go work 🏃

  7. Yeah! Drive out of your mansions and drive into a muddy pot hole with your Rolls Royce. Crazy motherfu*kers. Elites so corrupt, it doesn't even make sense!

  8. …thought Donald Trump said Africans are from 'shit hole' countries and we live in 'huts' …all these don't look 'shit hole' to me and …if these are 'huts', built with concrete and not 'dry walls', he might want to come over for some 'education and enlightenment'!

  9. They didn’t make him feel any way. That’s his own fault if he feels bad cause someone has something nicer than him. That’s just jealousy. If he was confident in himself he wouldn’t care.

  10. Is this Pedro complaining????a Hispanic, complaining about what black African's are doing.think u should go back to Mexico Pedro.

  11. Well Africa been growing for long time. Other countries are starting to grow and have mega cities. Nigeria building futuristic mega city on thier capital.

  12. I love how cheap the standard of living in Nigeria is. Renting something like that $12,000 per year. It's amazing.

  13. I need to go Nigeria or Ghana. I love Africa I just need a little experience. I hope one day I get the chance to go.

  14. If Africa is poor why do other countries get oil there? Some people aren't poor its a lifestyle. Africa is WAY bigger than America that's who there's more poor people. Most houses in Africa are better than the ones here.

  15. I wonder if there is anything called african architecture…. everything here is european style buildings.

  16. it will not last long. when a new revolution coming these house will become a ghost house full of bullet hole.

  17. The homes of corrupt politicians paid for by the poor citizens who only want a better life a good government unfortunately not so

  18. This isn’t a virus, it’s reality. I live in Florida and those houses u showed are very normal or smaller than normal houses that we have all in South Florida. It doesn’t make the older neighbors and older houses do anything but go up in value. Some people chose not to go to college or have big dreams and they can live a regular house but to those that’s dare to dream big and make it, shouldn’t have to feel bad for that.

  19. Everybody this u.s.of America always made afterica look so poor i am glad to see how pretty afterica is they never show the people how nice aferica is they always wonted us to think it was a shit hold like the president said it is.well it's not it's fucking bueatiful

  20. Why that specific roof style? Seems like a lot of wasted space underneath and no danger of snow pileup in the area…

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