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hi my name is Abby I am currently an enterprise management trainee and I'm on the road to a management role I think what really has shown me a lot about the culture of the company is that the work that you put in to the company is recognized whether it be through a shout-out email a promotion opportunities or just an event to celebrate you know someone's accomplishment or what work they have put in the company that has been recognized I definitely think that there is opportunity everywhere whether it's opportunity and HR at the corporate level or just going in the neighborhoods cities and managing people the opportunity is there always looking down the road I feel that the work I'm putting in right now is going to be recognized and I will eventually be where I want to be within the company I think enterprise prepares you for the real world they prepare you view with hard situation and they provide you with the people and the training to be able to be successful everyone is on your side here at enterprise and that has really developed my skills within the professional world and working with customers from day to day basis having a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard if you just Express here enterprise

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