A Closer Look at Water Infrastructure

We are all familiar with the engineering marvels
that dot our California landscape. But these large state, and government owned
facilities are just one part of the story of water supply. We recently visited some of the communities
served by the employees of California Water Service, better known as Cal Water. To see what’s happening at the local level
to move, clean, store, and safeguard your water. And, we found a lot more than meets the eye. You may not realize that scenes like this
one mean that work is being done locally to ensure a reliable, safe, water supply. As you can see here, our crews at Cal Water
are working every single day to improve our infrastructure. We have the well site here that they are upgrading. Adding the latest technology to improve, to
continue to provide safe and reliable drinking water to your taps every single day. Here, the crew is replacing a pipe that has
been in the ground for several decades. This type of work helps prevent main breaks
and the service interruptions and water quality issues that a leak can cause. These older pipes become less reliable over
time, so the goal is to replace them before they get to the end of their life-cycle. It’s just one of the jobs Cal Water does to
get the water where their customers need it. And of course, there’s a lot more to it than
just replacing a pipe. The Cal Water engineering team, studies and
designs system improvements that provide reliability and efficiency. And their water quality team ensures that
water that goes through the infrastructure is treated and tested to ensure it meets all
federal and state water quality standards, designed to protect public health. And they do it all as efficiently as possible,
so the customers get the biggest bang for their buck. In communities across the country, we’ve seen
what happens when the water system isn’t managed and maintained properly. A healthy water system is necessary for a
healthy community. I live and work in this community, and I’m
here to make sure that our customers, families, friends all have reliable and safe drinking
water, every time they turn on their taps. Cal Water is investing in our infrastucture
in order to continue supplying clean, safe, reliable water for our customers. And a constant supply of water for our firefighters. Although there is cost associated with maintaining
and updating our infrastructure, the price is small compared to waiting for something
to go wrong. We do preventative maintenance here to keep
our costs down by preventing main breaks, leaks and damage to our system. We’ve been providing high-quality water to
California since 1926. To be a part of something so important, yeah,
I’m pretty proud of that.

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