5 Steps to eCommerce & What You Didn't Know About Google – Grant Cardone

hey welcome to ask the program car down here today I have with me Fred Lam from Vancouver beautiful I mean it got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world Vancouver when you live in Vancouver I was just writing Richmond we're not live up in Whistler on you know I wish I would you go to ski I used to but been hustling haven't be really how do you call them I guess come on 8.5 haha 29:20 nothing in this dude right here okay is it ecommerce specialist he's going to show you what you need to do with your website today right how to conduct your business at that which I made a huge mistake with four years not using it correctly nominated for entrepreneur the year which means what basically I mean it when I didn't know nominated and you're an owner yeah and I guess for CEO and found I'd never been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year so good for you Fred Thank You CEO and Founder ipro academy okay God does online marketing get eight million dollars last year 29 years old bro you way ahead of a brother okay I mean if you stay on the same trajectory I'm on I'm on you're going to be a billionaire thank you thank you because I didn't see eight million dollars until I was 40 years old did you keep any of it well obviously I invest a lot back into the business I'm investing into a new business right now as we're speaking right now and hopefully hitting 210 million dollar mark by next year in twelve months period beautiful so all done through e-commerce yeah and if anybody understands the eight point five comment earlier I bet you I'll bet you 850 dollars just post them comments okay all right now I got to ask about the dishwasher dude okay Wow I mean what's what's the big deal about a dishwasher I wash dishes to I didn't put in my resume well one of the most biggest thing is a lot of people think that they can't become an entrepreneur they have to go to school they want to get college you got to do all the crap but honestly at the end of the day right now we're living in a world we're living in the digital world where every single human being on earth right now will have the ability to become an entrepreneur regardless of their first dog win a few words if even if your dishwasher didn't go to college I didn't go to college I almost lose one high school uh-huh yeah I barely pass English you can see my English sucks so I barely passing English primary passing which and I grew up here yeah no big deal right don't worry about it where are you from originally ah Hong Kong okay so your parents came in Hong Kong to Vancouver yes and because you couldn't get into the state's I don't know why and I maybe I wanted to be they they wanted me I never asked actually you should ask them I said man I get – oh they in Banco yes they are and what are you one of your parents – ah they're all retired now okay they did the traditional thing yes your dad was a hard worker yes really hard worker and what did he do is on he was a construction electrician okay I really managed projects that like Astrakhan sites so so how did how does spread Lam okay discover ecommerce which is a really interesting question I kind of stumbled upon on it actually so washing dishes I thought that was the end of my life right I'm just going to work up the ranks at a dishwasher become a waiter or whatsoever so no matter and I was like I'm just so young I'm only 17 years old I should be doing something better so back then Internet was huge Google AdWords for basically just launched a lot of people making millions of dollars on Google AdWords and you're in Vancouver and you're in your parents home yeah and you're like what are you doing you're seeing people make money you're seeing these stories yeah I'd see all the stories inspired me so I start looking on money be rich well I can't say rich were why intention was released I want to care back my family that's right my dad was always in Hong Kong my mom's always growing up with three kids we don't really grow up with a lot of money so we're a length really I can't say we're broke but we're like below average so I'll say I need to do something to take care of my mom madam yes that's really where my entrepreneurship really started say I want to make more money and then from there yeah so back then and obviously Google AdWords was big and people were actually paying like Pandey's a click and I was actually in that realm but I was such a young kid back then I didn't know a lot about businesses then what I really discovered and what I'm really starting to good at is become traffic acquisition so I know how to buy ads on YouTube Google Facebook like all those large platforms that's where I've been and I spend millions of dollars just to Google before Facebook even take off so that's where I start growing the businesses and one of my ex business party came up to me and say hey we have this gas performer later and fabulous you're 1/8 an X this is partner I'm not and this is not new anymore but what was the product it was a gas reform earlier but so that's yeah gas so like gasoline for cars yeah so back in 2008 the the gas prices skyrocket Alegre right and we saw like this is the perfect time let's get the product and we don't actually have to own the product the manufacturer on the product so we're basically dropship which I peach exactly out so we don't have the paper inventory all we do is just set it up sell and basically run ads to our site so and you can do this on a lot of different products oh yeah gasoline oh yeah he's gonna gasoline it was a gas reformer later so any gas free formula yeah so basically enhancer gasoline which you can actually write a long a lot but were those the pills it was a liquid it was liquid to $1,000 and then in four months based on just really being able to use traffic you actually selling e-commerce product online and was back then was really hard so a physical product online yeah but we did four point six million dollars and four months well yeah all with traffic and product so go back to the Google Adwords okay you said hey Google ads were we're a big deal I don't really even know what that means like like well right now to be honest with you before Facebook really dominated space uh-huh Google what's the one that's dominating the online space you know they're search engine traffic so if someone actually search for grant cardone you haven't control exactly what your ad phase and really dominate that space so if someone were to look into real estate investing you can dominate say I'm gonna be the first I'm gonna carry all the traffic those are going to be the most responsive traffic that you'll ever get the highest quality because people are already in the search query very searches they're interested in real estate investing or they're interested in a book on sales or yeah and tomb and you basically just pitch them or basically offer them go through a introduction transition story and all those other suburbs right right right on the smart right there's also Display Network a lot of people actually overlook that oh boy display the network so when you go on cnn.com right you always feel like a banner ad in all those others so we call it Display Network Google owns 98 percent of the display network in the entire world and it's hardly ever tapped and right now there's an opportunity because everyone that's pushing into Facebook right now Facebook but Google actually has a lot more inventory for ads than on Google Wallet so the Display Network yes it is why do we put ask the pro together so I can learn you don't learn shame on you I'm taking notes every ask the pro I'm sitting there taking notes leg leg leg I know some people like I don't need to write anything down well good for you I need to write it down because I might not look at it today but I'll be reminded of it later so educate and educate me bro because I want to make some money so here's the most important thing right a lot of people's are online they may be looking at stock watch calm like that is going to be one of your most prominent prospects well while they're in investing already right there I just saw doc watch calm yeah so there there's a lot of spikes out there like I can tell you but just investing alone there are thousands and tens of thousands of website up there that really has to be also what happened right there ok so right here I'm CNN so right here you see demon markets right now yeah yeah that is a banner ad imagine you can actually dominate a boner that's call a better ad and here's the beauty and what's that ad cost you think you wanted to really know yeah I have a Pacific strategy which I use called retargeting non-google yeah um so I was on CNN for calm although large major websites spent 300 bucks and I make $20,000 back yeah yeah so I make an ry I don't even look at this as something that how much I'm going to basically pay because I know I'm gonna make an ROI back yeah so why do I have to worry about how much I pay but the trip is the pain is based on we call CPM cost per thousand views so every 1000 contracts are being show and Google charge you X amount of beat but you're going to be alright were you were you suggesting earlier that because Facebook has now is now dominating Google did this cost less to use right now it costs way less because people are people aren't and here's what here's another beauty for example we have their own sales team to sell the inventory but they cannot sell all their inventory on their site their sales team can't sell at all what did they do they're not gonna put a blank spot up right to Google and Google and with the Celtic guru said well I need a cheap I mean a dirt cheap run by through Google so we're getting what we call remnant traffic so a minute yeah because these are basically unsold inventory but hey you're still on cnn.com these are basically people that working let me I'm gonna pull up CNBC that would be a good place for me right yes the NBC there's a lot of site there been around every single media web sites half a turn ass look like they're Adobe right now imagine if you're right they're terrible an extra guy's terrible add obviously no I mean I would do my real-estate thing here oh there you know there you go yeah that's awesome dude yes so there's a lot of ways to actually drive traffic YouTube's a huge one not just the organic side but the ads side YouTube is dominating right now you've seen a lot of people we call what they call in-stream ads right what's the name of your company again I four Academy ipro academy yeah so when people come to you um how's it as a motorman ah anymore dude getting kicking it and she's is good guys he has once one drop of tequila so I'm not feeling it all right yeah all over the place man okay so so when you say YouTube well when you play a video on YouTube you always see like an ad that's running right like a TV spot how like a TV plus you just becoming the next TV yeah that's what it is so do you Bob do Google Ringo – not through YouTube no usual Google owns YouTube and here's the beauty if you know how to gain system the first five second if a person actually skipped the ad you don't have to pay a penny then you get five second free exposure just like that good they skip the ad so when you're running the app when you're when you're watching a video basically see the ad and yeah they count down and say skip the ad right I got five four three two one yeah when it's when it hits five I'm sorry which starts first flirting second I mean so when they actually skip the ad in 2015 yeah you don't get charged so in in 25 seconds you can get your message across yeah so so I think we did a bunch of six-second head and we didn't weigh more than six you want a says you in it you google is out here last week in this and then the six second ad I love Google but I'm not going to talk behind their back rings yeah yeah they're not really built for direct response like we care about are a lot we care we do for ads and what we teach about at its investment like it's an effect me that you're gonna make an ROI back it's not an expense yeah yeah it's great yeah ii ask you can actually get a lot of big reach a lot to actually watch it but it's going to be an expense how are you are you gonna get an ROI from six seconds but but well yeah I am oh that's great I would imagine evening I mean I'm gonna raise awareness yeah I'm gonna get out of obscurity and stay out of it and to me to meet people should be calling you every day saying dude how do I get known what is the ROI all not be a no I don't know you you know what do I say I can't flow you yeah you know and so I mean I know all you guys get into this whole space and you're doing oral eyes return on investment of the cost of the ad add the clicks and all that I'm like this what is the freaking cost of not being enough but what if my friend dishwasher Exodus or so what if that ad can get you knowing and scaring ROI not just of having just a known aspect of things get an ROI at the same time so it's more like saying right now yes you're running a six second ad that you're getting awareness out in the sixty second or a two minute video thing you'll still get you the awareness yeah yeah but you can get a much better message across because you can now basically have ginger saying Google doesn't know what they're talking about I'm not gonna say that hey when they were here the other day telling me dudes at six second ad run the six second ad is that what you're saying just look that's it test fit okay that's it split test means what this puts SP is basically a testing a six-second adverse for 60-minute up Joe second at friend Lam said it I have it he says googy don't know what this I gotta say that I didn't say that I didn't say that 20 but look look this dude ain't 29 anymore this dude like he starts dropping into his freakin pro he's like you don't care about his age anymore you know I'm saying yeah when I was I actually was one of the marketing youngest marketing manager at BMW when I had an agency everyone didn't listen to me like now you're such a young age especially like I was stupid yeah and then I just blew them away yeah that's so stupid people shouldn't you should never like Alexander the Great when he invaded a freaking city a village a mountain he was 16 years old okay he's taken he pillages everything takes the whole debt takes all the gold nobody says oh he's only 16 he took over the place he only 2/3 of the planet so age has nothing to do with it if you're professional age doesn't matter I have students that's going through my e-commerce system at an age of 22 yeah doing a million dollars here yeah yeah sewing you can hear stuff keep bragging right now no he's not he's not he can't be bribed I don't know you live on a million dollars here so so check this out now so you're not really about website I thought you a website expert your commerce becoming is what ecommerce means selling physical products online yeah physical product is my service which would not be a physical product or not not so much I would not go so much on the service side of things I focus more on like physical products first and then you can actually go when you've built the relation of the customers that you can actually offer services Edward so the key things of this ecommerce space we're going to get one running an ad well the first there's five steps okay please number one you've got to have an e-commerce site up and right now thanks to our basic or revolutionary of Internet you know having this website up is actually pretty cheap like right now we were in Cordova calm yeah and our sofa yeah I fell put yourself in five Robert yeah we tell people you Shopify we were actually fully integrated with Shopify okay so number one get a Shopify store staff to cost you a lot of money yeah I'm on it cause you're like what's that cost twenty seven bucks a month yeah that's it once you have that you got a nutshell but I know what they're doing oh yeah they do good absolutely Google doesn't do you guys know what they're doing I'm not gonna see you know you could I didn't say that I didn't say that as much as the paper way it relies when he crosses the border Google will be right there hello I don't want that to happen I'm unique coming back I have one key source of customer support not gonna happen not gonna happen a commission dishes for EM okay okay so first I got to have a side cost 27 bucks so if somebody's got a website right now the only reason they would have a Shopify though is because they have some hard tangible product rice which supposed to step to unique products itself oh now a lot of people are like well Fred I don't want to invest tens of thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars on inventory yeah so what we do is we do drop shipping so through the last 13 years of my life I think you drop shipping I don't carry product I basically number one gopanna manufacturer I say hey you got products right now I'll sell it I'm not going to buy it you ship it directly to my customer yeah yeah so we give you an example give me an example so right now you heard about Aliexpress or Alibaba yeah so Alibaba is one of the largest BBB customer where they manufacture product so they create an Aliexpress where they're selling to end consumers but ultimately all defenders on Aliexpress are actually manufacturers from Alibaba that's how they were able to speed up the platform so now you can actually sell individual pieces directly from the manufacturer and basically just drop ship to your customer so let's say that's all right what about some wiffle balls yeah they're gonna come from China yes okay so I'm about similar footballs you're gonna be the guy in between yes you grab the traffic yes I'm the wiffle ball guy I want to buy the wiffle balls I'm buying from you Alibaba ships and from then you get paid to do that exactly you never had any woofle balls you know you know to work with all in all though I married an invalid oh yeah it is yeah and you get paid a sliver to deliver yeah because you're collecting the money and here's the beauty you're collecting the money first yeah so let's say that you're selling the 10x last look is it tickets right now like I select the money and I give you basically say hey I collect the money yeah I marked it up here's basically where your share is and I'd be called money more or we could have an affiliate program where you don't need to mark it up and you get a piece there you go okay now up now so yesterday well delivered some Amazon sent out to all their merchants okay I think a letter this week you do business with Amazon no they don't know what they're doing no they know what they're doing the absolutely no wonder you guys don't know anything man okay so no it's just that so when does this happen Amazon sent an email out to all their merchants and said hey you have to take returns okay so I mean how does that affect you it done well at the end of the date there are going to be returns but because there's a fiscal product uh-huh there nothing really going to get a massive return to be really honest and a lot of people online they basically buy based on impulse yeah and what you want to do is also sell products that are not like super expensive right out of the gate you want to work on those new customers you want to basically sell them or basically give them a free cup charge some shipping you still make your money still basically pretty even but now they actually start to come into your brand right you're going to start selling them other stuff and that's when you make all your money back now when it comes to physical product again the refund rate is not going to be a huge issue delenn– what the refund rate the refund rate yeah unless if you are basically selling a bottle crap that's a different story then people will really reap it but if you here's a bit of a physical products because Amazon really changed the way that people buy online right they look at the image you look at the description you pull their credit card they can never see touch smell the product so that's what also dropship works because hey you're offering the same thing your but they offer a refund dude so how do you come in we offer a refund to you want to offer reason we're going to go back to let's say about the wiffle balls from Alibaba yeah you got paid on it oh yeah okay you took the money you got paid and then I get the Whipple balls and I'm like I don't want these ruffle loves since the refund rate is so low what I usually why do you say it's a little man it is going to be low why why do you say this because you're getting at an idiot rata and people you know people bought something on impulse particularly people to build things on impulse oh yeah they're like I bought it but I don't really want it because I'm so now that they can put ecommerce like with physical products you're not going to see like drastic increase of refund rate you're going to hover around less than 5% uh-huh listen if you can't basically run a business that you can afford the 5% in your gonna be out of business right but at the end of the day you're also building a customer relationship let's say that you come to my store bought a product for me yeah and say hey I don't like you for X amount of reason I'll say you know what that's fine I'll keep it I'll refund your money keep it as a gift now you build a relationship and you're like no I like that oh that's what we tell people to do is I hate just do that because you're building a relationship we're comin right they will feel that you're legit you're not basically just making money or you're not damming uh-huh and that basically now you will come back and buy our refund policy Robert if I'm not right I mean this is what I want it to be yeah we'll give you your money back and then we put you on a black list and never do business with you again you say you say I should just say hey keep it and and you know yeah and also depends on what kind of my Lords are me again yeah well it also depends on where it is knows it right any no no no look man my brothers in a business okay call it's called chargeback 9-1-1 yeah and basically he's like the fraud online is so severe it's like one of the biggest problems on the internet today is that people are buying things it comes to the house three days later they're looking at their bills sent now you know what I really didn't want this this is a huge problem and when those when those refunds get high enough when when the chargebacks not the refunds when the chargeback claims get to 1% yeah the merchant cuts you off okay this happened some really become very successful online companies cut off all the proceeds sitting over there MasterCard or Visa and say hey we're freezing your account because a 1% charge back and 99% of my liquidity is sitting in a bank I can't it's frozen so hold on let me actually go ahead even if that okay it really also depends on the traffic that you're getting we're getting that traffic the quality of that traffic this happening to Microsoft Starbucks it does happen to your own business yeah it does but at the end of the day you can control it too because right now especially Shopify you have fraud monitoring system X at the same time you can see if these people are basically known to be fraudulent and all those other stuff so there are marks okay okay right and again like I said the traffic quality is also very very very important and that's true the bigger your brand is the more people would try to game the system because Microsoft they can go and buy an xbox or a fake credit card right call a credit card charge bags on yeah exactly and that's the point and look you're going to have some loss right I mean what you you would tell people you're going to have chargebacks I like what you said about hey man keep it through with buddies okay no problem but but I don't want to keep conducted business where the God is gaming me yeah you know I'm saying yeah but I like what you said but don't don't even send it back just keep it bro we lovers man we love you you love us okay so what number one ecommerce site number two products number three products traffic traffic right you want to get traffic to your store I guess having just a website ad you're not going to get yeah people are gonna go you want to get traffic so you want to use Facebook you want to use YouTube you want to use Google you want us Bing you want to use all these different mediums to drive quality traffic to people that will most likely be interests on mine so how do I make a decision how much money to spend on Facebook YouTube Bing or Google well I always help you with start a five dollar budget because we get instant data right away from these platforms we know how many people click on the ad how many people went to Add to Cart how many people purchase what are why am I making you go fast would you know that in 24 hours okay so after spending five dollars you'll know and there's indicators that we use run an ad right now for the millionaire booklet spend five dollars I want to see what happens and then we'll report tomorrow what happens and if it didn't work we'll add him to the list of people you don't know okay well you got to also keep in mind one thing you've got to set up the ass correctly – okay you got to know exactly what the setup structure is that's what we teach yeah because let's say they were running on Facebook right now you can't be selling a 10x product to basically a person in Africa that doesn't have any heard of the or you a customer right so targeting is not a really really key thing and when you're going we're talking about Facebook right now yeah the set up structure is very very very important and I've seen a lot of agency a lot of other businesses that set it up the wrong way uh-huh so let's say for an example if you guys want to actually sell a 10x book right now right away here's where I will tell you to do it right away number one create an ad that's based on website will do five dollars on the millionaire booklet let's do five dollars and we'll give it away all right we're going back to even better okay we're going to give it away so good website conversion based on the people that's going to buy your product yeah okay because you want to tell Facebook pacifically that I only want people that actually buy stuff on a third-party site to look at my ad uh-huh and you tell Facebook the reason why my advertising on your pop-up on that is that a drop-down is that up yeah so wait hearing people that buy yeah so when you're choosing your objective and a third-party site yeah but I say a third-party site they're going to buy it from my site well because at the end of the day you want to find a pool of people that will most likely buy off of Facebook because Facebook tracks every single behavior every single activity from click and pressure what you like what you share and all this other stuff they also have some with all the pixels now fixed pixels in a lot of websites right now so Facebook knows exactly what you bought and when you said that I want to go after people that will buy products from Facebook ads they will most likely deliver those people because they want you in are they want you to have an ROI that's why you tell face specifically my objective is to basically get purchases yes that's that one right then you want to choose the targeting all right now while you're choosing the target in my past traffic well we're talking about topic no yeah we're so how about Facebook traffic right now and then number day what you want to do is you want to basically find your ideal customers now this will be smart enough to help you basically find a demographic after you start spending but you know we're demographic let's say you know your demographics got to be like 35 plus men majority of them oh no I'll give a book to anybody but optimist true all right I mean you can read ideal if you want to be a millionaire it's called a millionaire booklet ideal customer let's say we can reach 18 plus female yeah we have to look look I don't I don't I don't you know my internet department told me that snapchat wasn't a place for me to be we have you don't think so either Alan you don't think scratch that notes with video neither so let me just tell nobody back to later doing I'm wrong on that you're rolling that because because I got people spending five grand every week I get somebody off at snapchat giving me $5,000 so so you young dudes just i'ma throw you age back at you yeah okay because everybody in the internet office is your traffic's not their quality out there it's not there man I love snapchat okay they have been quality people that have bought stuff from me had a guy yesterday hit me my mom wants to invest 200 grand in your Wow you know so why would you think it's a person that might aim it Mike I guess my game is I want to help people right I want to help people so if he's 18 or 88 yes I know where you're going in and you're basically working two wars and helping them through the journey in the process – I'm not saying snapchat is not your ideal customers good sir I didn't today I didn't think I didn't say one thing I did say I didn't they would get wounded by Robert make sure that we got chatting right now right there and that chat right now and you say – I don't know what I'm going to basically someone that you need to work with to be really on a lot because you've got to feel the relationship with the younger demographic and slowly move towards basically games and you don't it's not yet I don't subscribe here I got that – I don't hate snapchat it's great again I don't use Instagram I'm just a Facebook guy straight up Facebook guy why oh man I don't get that man look I just want you to consider this when you leave for a lamp yeah I don't cash it you or a your expertise is ecommerce and what does ecommerce need ecommerce electronic commerce right what does the e stand for yeah electronic electronic commerce so what do I care whether it's Instagram yep it's the spam Facebook YouTube being like I don't use Bing you know or Alibaba what is the Chinese YouTube a Chinese YouTube is yuku yeah dude I'll use yuku I should be on Youku yeah you know right yeah there's a lot of actually people starting to use you a lot and not a wash thing what would you tell me to be on Youku should I be on Youku you can give the try you can definitely give it a try I'm not gonna say yes or no why wouldn't I be on you CUDA you see I should be on it I would just require that I trained I trained a transcript transcribe my like driving and I'm in Mandarin so so all I'm saying to you is like people use what they're comfortable with rather than saying hey man there's people there now do you notice a red lamp that that people change when they go to these different places yeah yeah I know your personality I do need to know that right yeah okay you see that but you don't go to snapchat or Instagram I don't I don't you don't follow me on Instagram well I don't use this to Graham this thing yeah I love the Leone's I just can't have enough that time to do the all the social media stuff and really be out there and whatever I want out there is social media e-commerce social media you can say this e-commerce you can say it's not so big right you can use social media to actually try to really immerse your identity the Facebook I asked now Facebook respond enough to go by Instagram but you know yeah I know that way to use you know what I'm saying I don't what you're saying this place booked know what they're doing they absolutely know what they're doing good okay I'm done with the shake equipment I don't make it ever no this is good this is good because everybody just watching you guys need to understand man this space is so fluid yeah doing is changing so fast it is so disruptive yeah like you can't think that you're an expert today because tomorrow you're history man like like this thing is shifting so fantastic rate on bleep unbelievable opportunities for you whether you're 29 how do you think I am 40 59 dude okay so you don't guys you don't know what people are doing right now you don't know he would say hey I'm not his target audience I am so freaking interested in the space because I'm sitting here saying in when I'm 79 years old I could be I can make more money from 79 to 100 dude I can make money today I can make more money when I'm dead because of what's about to happen than I ever made when I was a lot yeah you agree with that I agree I actually value going back to washing dishes no I absolutely lost dishes again it's because I wanted to you know I'm saying yeah step 4 step 4 is the profit multiplier which is the more important part muhammad multiplier okay because a lot of people when they actually run ads and all those other stuff they go like well I'm breaking even I'm not going to basically continue what business or they're losing a little bit of money yeah and they're like this is not working yeah but at the end of it you got to look at it for a long-term game plan yeah yeah a lot of people that are trying like individuals that is trying to become an entrepreneur they want like quick quick quick quick quick but in the reality in what Brady actually succeed and in order for you to actually start really generating it you're going to look at down the road of what is happening so what we do is we use something called the proper multiply there are several things number one we actually build a funnel so obviously if a person actually went to your website by the Denix cup right now yeah before any checkout you say hey do you want to buy that big nice insult bottle right now yeah by them saying yes hey guess what you just increase your average order value right right and right away there's your profit that comes in yeah now the next thing is what we call the so this is where the free thing would work yeah but people bail on it because they're like I'm not doing anything because they don't have the inventory to move a guy the second product that would make the freebie worth something yeah so you want to basically turn freebie that's called what funnels funnels yeah you want to built the funnels right and here's the beauty part what we also do not just by building funnels and asking them hey do you want to take on this product we also basically have a coupon giveaway right at the Thank You page that a lot of people missed out on so it's like when you walk into a retail store and you're basically checking out and all excited achieves you something in hand and you look at it it's like we coupon to the tennis court on next purchase for exactly that's exactly I like that we need to get the coupon working dude people order be dying to use that coupon because they don't want them to stop on the deal yeah ain't going to be specific that this will expire yeah because a lot of people in retail like they will basically go like well I either go back in the store and I finish it off or I basically put it in my pocket and basically use it a lot of people would actually use the round spot if you don't want the job okay step 5 so now step 5 is going to be rinse and repeat rinse rinse and repeat back to washing dishes dough not back to washing dishes xmax is that one which is creating another ecommerce store because you can either build an e-commerce Empire having got multiple niches or just sell it out Fred lamb dude ecommerce ok Fred I want you to reconsider a couple things though what are you going to reconsider after this interview what am I going to reconsider after this n3k on the I got shot that's right ok and quit talking bad about googy ok so look look set up an e-commerce site have product how many products should I have my side start with 25 but you can have surprise most people don't have they got two or three products man your buddy that you brought down here I'm like do you have any products man how can you be in business 25 years and have three products I got another guy's super super successful dude right now he there's no products like like I like I mean you gotta have some products right have you been to my website you like I like it finding lies it's really great yeah yeah what would you do different what would I get different build funnels yeah more funnels yeah and then the funnel should I have as many as possible that goes and really sells you're saying every the cup would have a funnel I would I was just like consider hey I was just because it are you doing try and try this out like giving it away for free and just ripping yes on your cup yeah yeah yeah I would say you need like an opt-in somewhere long do you have an often somewhere do we have an opt-in alright thanks to the website there anyway right throughout there I see it can opt-in to get updates in my strategy now you have to pop up there you go yeah it's just like you've seen popping right here you can actually have that in your Thank You page when someone actually bought from you that is not from the 10x 10x con you can actually probably say hey get X about a percentage now there's so much to learn man I'm so excited man I'm sitting here yeah I love you a long time and that's all I know Fred man I need I love you a long time cup you know right don't you I would love that you know that's another song man I love that man okay Fred Lam the company the company is ipro academy where can people find is that zero like calm yes you're up like calm actually have a ten-part free video training series with that term zero Club part yeah it's a ten part video training series where it's going to have enough more than enough information for you to get your first store up and start generating a sales so I talked about everything okay go there go there get your 10 part video series get your ecommerce site up he's going to show you how to get twenty-five products of show you how to start making bang into our oh I show you how you don't have to go back to washing dishes and if you do it's just because you want to you want to rub it out rub it out the dishes robot the dishes late at night I do I go in there I go into the sink you ever go into the sink at you and you're like man I seditions anything I just want a freaking yeah I'm a man it reminds me of back when I was washing this yeah okay yes Fred great to have anybody okay thank you follow this dude not on Instagram because he won't be there I'm going to be there now I'm going to be there now Hey look look if there's some expert thing you do some unbelievable thing you do something you know that nobody else knows contact Roberts is slow at Grant Cardone tv.com Grant Cardone TV comm set that up today Robert and we'll have you sit in the hot chair okay we'll both learn something everybody's going to learn something you're going to get exposure i'ma learn something we'll all get better so we don't have to go back to washing dishes unless we want to okay if you're on iTunes or stitcher man please comment let me know what you like what you don't like is Fred's rule am the real deal or not okay drink that water dude drinking Gatorade and and and if you're on YouTube man please please come on out if you're going to hate on me throw it down in the comments man okay did you think I was too hard on the laughter okay just post it down in the comments okay come out don't be a coward and a hater thanks for watching

33 thoughts on “5 Steps to eCommerce & What You Didn't Know About Google – Grant Cardone

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