5 Key Benefits of Nearshore Software Development (2019)

in our last video we looked at the three main models for software development outsourcing which are unsure offshore and near show we saw help from a u.s. perspective near shoring involves working with partners in North America or Latin America and so in today's video we're going to break down the top benefits of newer outsourcing when compared to traditional offshore vendors located overseas when it comes to software development geographical proximity is a huge plus a struggle tax and costs will be much lower than those of offshore locations whether you're looking to visit a vendor or have them flying into your office in the u.s. neutral destinations will provide easy access and quick travel timeframes the biggest advantage of the new role model when compared to overseas vendors is definitely tangible difference successful agile software development projects are predicated on efficient communication between teams and nearshoring makes it possible for your on-site and remote teams to share similar time zones and overlap throughout their work days most newer short countries only have a one-hour time zone difference with the US the maximum being at a four hour time zone difference countries in Latin America share the Western cultural values of the United States as most of its population have been following us pop culture and events since childhood whether it's through sports music Netflix or films and even late-night shows Latin Americans are regular consumers of u.s. culture another plus is that Latin America's software development workforce has a good level of English language fluency as this tends to be a requisite for most high paying jobs talent shortage in the US market is one of the main reasons why companies look to grow their teams by partnering with offshore and near shore visitors both of these have highly skilled time to offer but the newer model provides the added benefit of proximity and times of similarity universities in Latin have been successful in responding to the growing demand for IT professionals and the governor's continued to enact policies that foster the evolution of the region's workforce top talents in Latin America can be found in software development boutiques that tend to specialize in a specific set of technologies and tend to work exclusively for the US market as a direct result of all the previous benefits the overall cost of nearshore development proves to be lower than the offshore alternative despite having somewhat higher rates real-time communication twin teams in similar time zones provides the ideal environment for successful projects the two ideal use case scenarios for nearshore software development are as a team augmentation solution to address damage shortage in your market or as a way of delegating specific parts of bigger projects in order to focus on core activities at Barrett's we help our us partners with both of these services as a nearshore development boutique in you while working exclusively for the US we can help you scale your team on demand with seasoned developers that are working with the latest trending technologies so that you won't have the added cost of going through a big learning curve and if you are looking to outsource entire projects or given parts of bigger projects we can help you set up agile dedicated teams that can help bring your product to life the right nearshore development partner can help you boost productivity and reduce costs while maintaining high quality standards get in touch with the team and RiRi's to learn how we can help you reach your business goals thanks

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  1. The right nearshore development partner can help you boost productivity and reduce costs while maintaining high quality standards. We hope this video helps break down the top benefits of nearshore outsourcing as a business strategy

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