5 CHEAP ways to build your truck!

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Coming at you with another one
of those five things videos. So these are gonna be the five ways that you can build your truck for less. I know a lot of people, you know, they go out and they’ll buy a truck and then they want to build it up. But not everybody has the budget to build something
crazy right off the bat. So we’re kind of gonna
go over some of the ways that you can save some money
when building your truck. (upbeat music) (drills whir) (sparks crackle) So the first thing on our list today, we’re gonna be talking about wheels. So, obviously, that’s one
of the first modifications that many people make when they’re going to build their truck. What’s really hot right now is, clearly, the big, giant, polished forged wheels, but those things come in
at a pretty hefty price. So one of the ways that
you can combat that price is to use a standard cast wheel, but there’s a lot of
companies out there now that are making wheel
designs that are, you know, sort of mimicking the
forged wheel patterns. I know one of the ones recently that everybody at the shop is falling in love with is the TIS 544. So, in chrome, that
wheel looks very similar to some of your specialty forged and American Force forged wheels. But it comes in at a
much lower price point, and, in my opinion, it’s easier to clean. Forged wheels definitely take some time because it’s not a chrome finish, contrary to popular belief. It’s fully polished, so
that means you can’t just go around and wipe them
down with a microfiber. You really need to take
them in to be polished when they do get really dirty. With a chrome wheel, you can use, like, we have our own wheel care kit. You can use Custom Offset shine kit, and it’s super easy. You can do that right at home. Spray them down with some water, and then clean them up
using our shine kit. The other option, too,
is to just stick with the classic, clean Moto Metal 962. Plenty of people hate on the Moto Metals because it’s a Moto metal, but there’s really
nothing wrong with them. And that 962 in a chrome finish is just really simple and clean. And, again, you’re gonna
get that polished look without having to spend the forged price. Number two on the list
is wheel-related also, but in a different aspect. So one of the things that
those forged wheel companies do is, because they’re custom made to order, they’re drilled to your bolt pattern, so they have, usually, exposed lug nuts. Now, in cast wheels, typically you’re gonna
find a dual drilled wheel, so that means that one single wheel can be used on multiple vehicles. And the reason why wheel companies do that is because it allows them to make one mold for two different vehicles. So that’s part of how they can keep some of the pricing down. But one of our favorite companies out there right now is Hostile, and that’s simply because they make some killer looking wheels and they have exposed lug nuts as well. There’s other wheel
companies out there, also, that do the same thing. They give you the exposed lug nuts that you can run the spikes. And there’s various companies, also, that are starting to really
make the cap shallower. So, moving on to number
three, we’re gonna talk a little bit about lift kits. Now, one of the best ways to save money, two good examples are BDS and Zone. So, it’s pretty commonly
known in the truck world that BDS is the parent company of Zone. So, if you’re buying a Zone
kit, you can save some money, but you still get the
same engineering aspects that go into the BDS kit. But they’re able to produce the Zone kits for a more affordable price point. And a lot of that has to
do with material selection or finishes, and then, as well, as just the shocks that come with it. So, like on a BDS kit, most people are getting the Fox shocks. On the Zone kit you can get, like, the Zone adventure series,
and that helps, again, keep that cost down when you’re
looking to build your truck. Then again, if you don’t want to step up to the Zone price point either, and you’re literally just looking for the cheapest thing possible, there is nothing wrong with Rough Country. One of the guys, actually,
multiple people at the shop run Rough Country kits on their trucks, because, if you just want a six inch lift and you don’t necessarily
care how good it rides, you get the Rough Country. It’s not like it’s that terrible. In fact, they ride pretty decent. You can check out, we
actually did a history of Rough Country video. Check that out. It kind of explains in detail, you know, the history behind Rough Country and what goes into their kits. The fourth way to save some money when you’re looking to build your truck is to cheap out on tires. Now, some people are gonna say that you shouldn’t cheap out on tires. I personally agree. I think tires are really important because that’s the only
thing keeping your vehicle attached to the roadway. Really important in cars, but in trucks, if you’re just driving a show vehicle and you’re going to and from the meets, you’re not taking it off road, you’re not doing any high speed driving, if you want to get a cheap tire, that’s fine by me. So a couple companies out there that do make good, cheap tires, we just did a five things
video about cheap tires. You want to specifically check that out. But, just off the top of my
head, AMP makes a good tire. We run those on our Hummer. Atturo makes a good tire. We’ve had that on a
couple different vehicles. And then Federal with the Couragia M/T, super aggressive mud tire
and really affordable. I had a set of those and, I mean, they do what you need a cheap tire to do. So, lastly, number five. If you’re looking to save
some money on your truck, initially, right off the
bat, there is one thing that you can do that can
save you a ton of money, especially if you’re
just looking to show up at the Walmart meets and
look cool, just buy a gasser. Not everybody needs a diesel. (engine revs) But, then again, they are pretty fun. So Sean, actually, he has a gasser. C-O 2, which is our big, giant white 2500. Probably gonna make some people mad by telling you guys this,
but that’s a gasser. It’s not the diesel. I’m driving a Duramax now, but our white truck is just a gasser. And people love it, so there’s
nothing wrong with them. So thank you guys for watching. Definitely appreciate everybody coming out to check out these five things videos. If you have a suggestion,
make sure you drop it in the comments. I have to figure out how
to get back to the shop, because I’ve just been driving and talking and I have no idea where I am. For real. Like, I’m lost. Help me.

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  1. Best advice i ever heard is that you cant build on a budget. Project cars take time, save up the money and do it right.

  2. I've been watching alot of you guy's videos and I'll agree with the gas vs diesel part. (You guys have alot of good content btw) I'm a wrench and I can honestly say the gasser 6.0, 6.2 or the 6.4 hemi engines are underrated. If you're gonna pull often, diesel. You'll save money, wear and tear on the engine and trans. But otherwise gasser. My dad ran a plow truck for years with a 6.0 chevy. Worked fine.
    I guess the big different besides initial price point, is maintenance. Diesel are far more expensive maintenance wise and can run way more money if you're trying to blow it up with burnouts and hard launches. Injectors are more expensive, turbos, etc. A gasser just goes. Dont have to plug it in when winter comes knockin, oil changes are cheaper, no emissions b.s., etc.just saying. Especially when you live in Minnesota like me and the state runs B20 fuel for diesels and it gets stupid cold for a few months. Not knocking diesel. But if you aren't pulling often. Then you're wasting money.

  3. You really think those chrome wheels look as good as polished or machined aluminum? Poor taste for such a Publicized channel. Just my opinion. No sugar.

  4. Looking for a good 6 inch lift that rides nice but is still durable. What’s a good one? And price. I’ve got a 4 inch superlift I wanna go bigger and smoother

  5. Hey Fuller, I have a rancho lift that measures at around 5.25" front lift on my 2010 sierra. I did a norcal tuck and I'm clearing 35's, but I want more of a negative offset look, so do u think it would look better with a more negative offset but id have to down grade to 33's, so a lot of wheel/fender gap. Or keep my current set up? The 35's sick out about an inch.

  6. The only thing you shouldn't go cheap is shock absorber a. I should know, I got some Ironman4x4 shocks and they are as bad as they get… You don't have to go Fox or Kings, but at least some Bilsteins, any monotube will do just fine

  7. hi from Australia our truck typically dont have a "gasser" option generally diesel.. I drive a nissan patrol ute which rivals the Toyota landcruiser.. but as a diesel mechanic my patrol is old school direct injected not common rail.. i prefer the older more reliable vehicles.. kinda like your Cummins 12 valves 👌

  8. I’ve msgd you guys before a local wheel shop in danville va has tried abt 6 times to balance my truck tires , iv bought my 3 rd set now all are new , maxtrek 33s were too small but after that I went to Achilles m/t 35s I caught the guy abt ring the lug nuts off in a circle motion not cross pattern so now I buy a set of Kanati mud hogs , they have over 5 lbs of stick on wheel weights and nail on weights, Iwhat do I do buy new wheels and go to another tire shop, I do auto body , I should have brought them back and hand torqued them , the stick on weights are double stacked in 3 rows ! Half of the way around on the wheels then nail on covered by blk duct tape, that ended up going into my brakes and smoking and burning ! Within 10 miles , so embarrassing driving a hummer and putting work into it , seriously think they tweaked the wheels with the impact gun!

  9. I love how everyone rants on building "mall crawlers." Like I get it you want a capable vehicle, but look at the vehicles you're criticizing. Top of the line most recent year huge trucks. They don't come cheap if you are new to this whole vehicle thing. Wonder what these idiots are driving…Lifted 2003 chevy's with mud crawler tires? Cool beans. Don't tell me you wouldn't take a 60k-80k custom built truck if someone offered. Just don't.

  10. I would like to know the difference in a leveling kit and lift kit. I have a 2018 Colorado z71. I hate the very small tires. Want a taller tire without putting the truck so high that it’s hard to get into. Thanks

  11. After you follow these 5 steps you must always wear Affliction shirts, Big Star jeans, Oakley shades and say "bro" a lot.

  12. Well I have a 2014 ram 1500 4wd regular cab and I have the 6” rough country lift and federal couragia mt 37×12.50r17 on 17×9 -12 offset Mickey Thompson Classic lll and the 50” dual row cree led light bar and it all works great I have 2 years with the lift and I have zero issues and with the federal tires I have 10,000 miles on them and they are at the half life but I have taken it off road to the Uwarrie off road trails which are very rocky and will tear your tires up and these tires have done great can’t complain at the $700 price for all 4 new and these rims I bought them for $275 for all 4 so all in all I spent $975 for rims and tires but in total with suspension and wheels/tires lighting and performance upgrades (engine) I’ve spent roughly $6,500++ but to install the lift it was about $350 my buddies at the place I use to work at helped me out to have it installed and they did it in like 2 hours 😉

  13. I need to know what's the best way to get a leveling kit that doenst throw your front end joints in a bind. 2018 Silverado 1500 4×4

  14. The most expensive thing about "building" a truck or any custom vehicle is LABOR. So do your own work and you'll save a ton. Also, buy used stuff……at car shows, flea markets, etc.

  15. Makes me so depressed and sad for those diesel…. ok and gasser trucks you see on the road with the nice lifts and big fancy chrome tires cause you know that truck will never see dirt. If your gonna spend that much on a truck and customizing it to never go off road get a sports car or import or exotic car. Your just gonna get laughed at and called a poser when real truck owners see you on the road. There should be a law on truck abuse and owners that neglect them and the trucks should be taken away from that person and adopted out to a new owner that will take care of the truck the correct way lol.

  16. If you drive 40k miles a year get a diesel. If you tow heavy ass shit ALL the time get a diesel. If you don't do them two things. Get a gasser. Save some money. Simple.

  17. Welcome to the bro channel. We where white sunglasses. Rock revival jeans. And hurley hats. Our trucks have never seen a gravel road and i just used my 11th micro fiber towle and it's not even noon yet. Stay tuned. If you wanna be a douche you have come to the right place.

  18. I need suggestions on off road wheel specs for 2019 silverado LT with 2 in leveling kit. What do you recommend as far as wheel specs to achieve the aggressive look?

  19. sorry – im a prep jerk ,,,, build how you want !!! – when in peace times, make sure to have room to transport 1 keg of beer minimum !!! – as far as looks, well we all get laid sometime or another.. stay away from yodas and nissans – that'll just get ya more trips to the beer store for non beer like bush and natty lights….fek'n light weights…..

  20. Cheap great quality tires are treadwright! Check out their manufacturing process here on YT.

  21. This is a awesome video and solid advice and I will probably follow must of these tips expect the lifts cause my truck is pretty tall from the factory

  22. The hate is real and it’s hilarious! If you don’t like lifted trucks just keep moving and quit trolling. I drive mine Offroad during hunting season but it’s on pavement 99.9% of the time. That’s most people out there. Doesn’t make you a douche because you have nice taste and like trucks. Most of you making fun are typing in your moms basement with your Mazda 3 in the driveway. Get over it.

  23. I plan on buying new wheels and tires for my truck from your website. Just gotta sell my left nut, my liver, and my soul first.

  24. Should make a video on how to buy a truck in the first place cause my parents can’t afford to buy me my first vehicle and even though I make $12 an hour I still can’t seem to make enough money to buy a trashy old 01 Silverado

  25. 6:04 lmao mee too all the time ill be driving with my friends and after ahwile they will be like umm wait where are we 😆

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