2019 Lawn Renovation Plan Step by Step 🏅Transform Your Ugly Lawn

now summertime is great here in New England but the reality is we're not in the summer right now it's actually the dead of winter the winter is the best time to think about your lawn come the spring so what I'm thinking about right now is the way I was able to transform my lawn this year in 2018 so let's see what I started with this lawn was the disaster it was full of weeds I had dead spots fungus all kinds of problems and the reality is that this was like this for over six years I paid TruGreen I had a few others try to help me it never was successful so to solve this problem I knew I was going to have to take care of it myself this was my end result and I'm really pleased with this because this happened in the same season this wasn't years of work I didn't tear out the old lawn this was renovated all in place I did all the work myself so my thoughts right now are on the spring because I want to continue the work I did but the reason I made this video is because I wanted to show you a real before-and-after and then share with you the steps I'm planning for this coming spring but the reason you want to pay attention is because those steps are the exact steps that I use to get to this point now the first thing you want to start out with is a mechanical aeration aeration is an undisputed benefit for your lawn but for a really bad lawn like mine this really helped I had compaction I needed areas that I could possibly have seed going and it would help get water and fertilizer to the roots so I think this is the very first thing you should start with a spreader is such an important tool for a lawn renovation and that brings us to our next step lime our lawns are so acidic you really need to put lime down and it's often overlooked this balances the soil and it makes a really good foundation for your lawn to thrive the next important step for the spring is going to be the use of pre-emergence these are going to control weeds before they even can start to grow now they usually put down in liquid form but you can use granular as well so what I'm doing here is I'm spraying an application and this is gonna keep weeds under control now it should be noted this is my spring plan I don't see it in the spring in New England I choose to see it in the fall so I don't have to worry about new seedlings my next step was gonna be fertilizer now fertilizer is something I'm gonna put down every six weeks throughout the growing season so it's a regular item for me now I tried milorganite and I tried some other organic fertilizers and I just did not get enough bang so what I switched to were Lesko professional fertilizer products they're available everywhere and as soon as I use them I saw an immediate change in the grass so for the foreseeable future I'm gonna continue to use traditional fertilizer so when you put down your fertilizer another product can really make a big difference and that's humic acid now I have a separate video on this detailing the benefits but I put humic acid down about every two months this was a formulation that was a granule that you dissolve as a liquid and I applied this to the lawn and I felt that it really worked I definitely had good results and I do attribute a lot of that to the use of humic acid my yard is split into two spaces one of them has this irrigation system and obviously that makes it easier but you saw those before pitches and those were all with my lawn being watered every day sometimes or at least every other day so my water schedule when I have my irrigation system running is every two to three days but the other half of my yard was the problem and I actually made this video called the no water lawn this entire section you seen here with that great nice grass was grown without even a hose and certainly not with a sprinkler system everything was naturally irrigated so watering can be accomplished multiple ways and I encourage you to watch that other video if you've got an area without irrigation and you want to end up with a nice lawn now that a products are down we've got to think about the next step which is going to be mowing the lawn this is gonna be something you're gonna do very regularly I recommend mowing your lawn at least once a week I'll try to mow it twice a week if I can but that's just not always possible you want to have sharp blades you don't want to cut off too much grass at a time and the most important thing is to just mow often so that your grass is not folding over and you're not tearing it how high do you cut your lawn so this is widely debated and there really is no exact answer on what is right but for me I ended up settling on two and a half inches I like the way the lawn looks it doesn't fold over easily and it holds up to foot traffic well but you can find your own height that works but this is what I did I gave mulching a shot I did it for almost 10 years now I know there were other problems with my lawn but I wasn't happy with the results so I switched a bagging do feel that this made a big difference in my lawns turn around now that may be because my lawn was already weak but I wanted to share with you the way I did it and my choice was to go to bagging and frankly at this point I don't think I'll be going back to mulching any time soon so your lawn might be like mine I've got low spots bumps and dips it's just a typical New England lawn so to fix that what I do is what you've seen here I put a little bit of topsoil and I use a special tool that really made this job easy now I have a whole other video on this that you can see it in action but this really helped my lawn get a nice level look and it certainly makes it easier when you're mowing as well let's talk about weed control now it's inevitable even with pre-emergence you're gonna get some weeds and I've got experience controlling weeds because when I started my renovation last year it was actually early summer which is not a good time to begin and you can see all the crabgrass I had I did a lot of research and I came up with one product from me that works in almost every situation and that product is Syngenta's tenacity so for me that will be my post emergent weed control as needed this video was intended to show you real examples most people on YouTube just tell you what they did or what you should do but they never really take you through what they started with and how did they get there and then the end result so what you've seen is real it's all my lawn and it was all work that I did so I hope this video potentially gives you a plan that you might apply to your own yard next year or at least it gives you a guidebook two steps that you can follow so if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you want more detail in any of these steps look at the description because I put links to all my other videos that break out some of these sections so that you can learn more so I appreciate you watching and I hope you have a great new year

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  2. how do you kill chickweed in your lawn if you have any? I have so much chickweed in my lawn, it's taking over my lawn 🙁 Does tenacity kill chickweed?

  3. First off, I must be an idiot. Now to my point!
    I KNOW somewhere in your playlist you gave a very detailed measurement and mixing ratio for Tenacity and I can’t find that video, hence the self titled bozo button name of idiot. Did you take the video down? It was a 2018 video, I took notes and thought it was this video but, it wasn’t. Can you please either upload it again, point me to it ( link ), or do one specifically on the mixing of Tenacity, Blue Lazer, and The Southern Ag Surfactant you used! I went and bought all 3 ( $ invested ), and I want to treat my lawn but I can’t until I see that ratio again. I bought the Chaplin 24V 4 gallon backpack sprayer thanks to you as well! #Help Happy Easter!

  4. Is dissolving humic dg into water really necessary? would it work just as good if I use it just before rain?

  5. We have two little dogs and I worry about what I’m going to put down on my lawn as they eat grass constantly. Any input on that ?

  6. Hi Silver Cymbal.. I really like the levelling rake for the lawn, as my lawn is really not level. As I live in the UK, I cant seem to find this available anywhere here. Is this tool only available in the USA then? As for my problem, any ideas if I cant get this tool as to any other tool I can use without totally destroying the top turf (sod)?? Thanks for a great video btw.

  7. Should I mechanically aerate, top soil, seed, and roll, and try to kill moss and weeds all in one spring? I already put out the moss killer and it seemed to work. Now I think my next step is aerate, top soil seed and roll. How does weed killing come into play there? I am afraid of killing the seedlings with the weed killer.

  8. First step, purchase $2,500 dollars worth of equipment and have a professional grade sprinkler system installed

  9. Great video!! What’s the name of the tool you use to level the lawn / spread the top soil? Im from the UK and when googling I just find regular soil rakes. Thanks in advance.

  10. feeling inspired and motivated by this, i have a lawn in bad shape, hope to achieve similar results. please keeps the vids coming

  11. Great video. Thanks. Use PPE. Esp when applying liquid herbicide. He wasn’t wearing rubber boots. Tisk tisk.

  12. Great video!!! Could you do these steps on any lawn not one on death's doorstep?? Could you please give a list with links to the products?

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