#14 Natural Bees Wax Wood Polish Finish – DIY Curious Creator

In this video I’m going to show you how I made my all natural Bees wax wood finish. I started with 2 x 1 oz bars of natural bees wax. You can buy them in chips already and save having to do this step. But I just love the way they look in these bars so it’s worth the extra effort for me. I took my knife and cut them down into smaller pieces. And then put those into my slow cooker on high. There are loads of different ways you can melt beeswax, but it is actually quite flammable so you need to be careful on how hot you get it. You can use any oil you like for this next step but I like using Jojoba Oil. One thing to bare in mind is some oils like Olive Oil can go bad, and won’t sit on the shelf as long. I made a 1 to 3 ratio of wax to oil. So 2 oz of wax, I needed 6 oz oil. If you add more oil you get a softer wax. After letting the wax melt down completely I added about half the oil and stirred thoroughly. Then added the other half and continued to mix until it was all blended together. Transferring back to the measuring jug made pouring into the final container easier. I had an old sweet tin lying around and poured the melted wax an oil mixture straight in. I Let the mixture cool for a while and came back and stirred every 10mins or so to ensure it all cooled evenly. I then left it for about 3 hours until completely set. I was left with this lovely wax finish that is nice and firm but rubs beautifully into wood. For a full written guide and a list of all materials and items used, check out my instructables page. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did please like, share and subscribe.

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