125-Year-Old House Renovation: Updated

I bought this beautiful old house in 2015 it wasn't so beautiful then we did a huge remodel at the time that included replacing all the wiring all the plumbing all the mechanical including a new furnace so when this was built in 1890 there were just a few houses around here on top of everything I don't have a huge budget so we tried to keep things reasonable I really wanted to save this house it was in disrepair we had this neighborhood here that is quite an eclectic neighborhood there's a lot of whimsy around here and a lot of neat things going on so I wanted to add some of that whimsy and character to this house at the same time doing a remodel that makes it comfortable and functional so if your favorite color is beige if you're a purist or a Puritan this would be a good time to stop the video and go elsewhere in the YouTube universe because some of the things about this house will cause mild dyspepsia to cardiac arrest so I don't want anybody to get hurt let's take a look at this project in between snowstorms we did a lot of trim work on the outside patching putting up crown molding and then did some pretty extensive prep and painting work we added a new privacy fence and new copper gutters in two spots the original front door needed a lot of work and we just refurbished that this little tree could be the big one that we have outside now that's more than twice as tall as this house it has some ugly and wainscoting here and we took that off but the baseboards had been lost somewhere along the way so the baseboards we have here we actually pulled from the closets a couple of the bedrooms had almost all of its original woodwork all of its original doors and we just quickly refurbished those we didn't do too much I thought it was fine to have dings and dents in the woodwork anything like that we call it character but this closet probably wasn't original somebody put it in above the staircase and I left some of the quirky funky wallpaper that they had in there and I used a door from the kitchen that we didn't need anymore here you see this chimney which I was not exposed before I chipped this out chipped the plaster off this right here there was a little duct here this was all the heat for the upstairs we ran new ducting to all the bedrooms imagine that this is the second bedroom and has an old closet in which somebody put wallpaper for some reason we decided to keep some of that for an old house this is a pretty decent-sized master bedroom and we did do a lot of wiring up in the attic and we also blew in insulation upstairs this may be more like an office there's all paneled and ugly fake wood when we pulled that off we discovered wallpaper and plaster from years just different layers and I thought some of this wallpaper was really interesting but I kept some of this and if you look at it it's got all these admonishments to children I think it's kind of creepy but also really artistic so I decided to frame it out you know it said is your hair nicely combed have you brushed your teeth this had been turned into a closet and when we when I started opening up the walls to fix things up I noticed this old railing system in there so the deck was basically existing inside the walls of the closet and we decided it would be a lot nicer to have again a nice little view of juniper tree and the park beyond the bathrooms were an utter mess this one had this old clawfoot tub of didn't having claws and in fact it was boxed in here pane was peeling they had crazy whip paneling all over the floor was rotting out under the toilet so we had to pull up the floor we redid all the plumbing I got some old cloth feet off of another tub that I have and we welded those on I hate it when you have clawfoot tubs and you have to have a surround curtain that sticks to your skin so I use this vertical concrete system and we made it so that all the water drops into the tub I really like copper and we've got the copper gutters outside so I wanted to expose some of the copper piping and they it's a creates a little waterfall off its moss trap the sink is an old sewing machine table we got a bowl sink mounted in some moss rock and this mirror actually was here we just painted it you can see here we've got a little nail slot over the years there were many different types of texture there were cracks there were holes in the wall what I decided to do was just skim coat the whole thing and do what's called a skip trowel texture so this is what they call harder vacuum day and first of all I just love these old fir floors you know hundred thirty year old wood nice big window system and all the windows are original pay attention to this area because there seems to be a space there we'll revisit that here's the second bathroom which was not originally a bathroom this was probably in addition to the house at some point the floor was following a putter there was actually a hole in the wall in the shower the shower was over here and it was taped with plastic and duct tape so we had to take out the whole floor we had to re level it there's a little crawlspace under here we reran all the plumbing again we did vertical concrete this is stained with wood stain and then finished with a pouring epoxy same thing with the floor we got our toilets Pat Habitat for Humanity and again we did the sewing machine sink but this time I thought because it came with the sewing machine let's use these sewing machines so so we kept the sewing machine in here we got a glass countertop and you can see we can turn this on and off up here from the sewing machine sink upstairs I took that sewing machine and just turned it into a vanity light and you can actually turn it off and on from up here the kitchen is a little more mine one thing is this was a doorway this is where I took that other door from we open it up just to give a little more feeling the flow between the kitchen and the dining room we actually took this we made this out of some glue ups from some of the old wood from the house just glue it together to give it a which it put your black look most of the things in this kitchen were from a home where they they apparently wanted to get rid of their cherry cabinets and their granite countertops and their stainless steel appliances because they had to upgrade it I guess so we got all that for about I think it was eighteen hundred dollars and we did cut this cut the granite to fit again our situation and we added this stainless steel farm sink and we added LED under counter lights that you can see even in this nice little roll door this was an old transom window to get air into the kitchen and it was boarded up boarded over we freed that up put new glass in there and then just a little back porch area it's a nice little mudroom let's head to the basement so this has some crazy finish at some point and it was kind of scary actually we did open things up a little bit I made a little we did some built-ins and all the wood here for the trim and the built-ins is blue stained pine or beetle-killed pine from pine beetle epidemic in the Rocky Mountains this wall there's a brick wall under here so we did have to do some put some supporting beams in we did kind of a pay kool-aid man thing here and smashed out this wall from the floors keeping with the concrete theme upstairs basically just cleaned up the existing concrete floor got our dark our customary dark stain and then put clear coat over the top of it so we figured this could be a great rec room or an attainment area or game room or even bedroom and then we just have this functional utility room slash laundry room this is our new furnace the basement had old crappy windows and we added new windows to the basement which would just be a lot more functional this is a walkout basement so if you remember I was talking about that space up there well we didn't discover this until the second remodel but right here there's an old panic room I'm done with this little panic room if somebody wants to finish it out more get some canned goods for the apocalypse they can do that in addition to doing the basement remodel in phase 2 and discovering the extensible panic room we also did some landscaping outside and you can see more about this project by clicking the link above a wonderful couple has moved into the house and they're leasing it with the option to purchase they've basically turned it into a museum with beautiful antiques and it's so perfect for the remodel we did so we're really hoping that this sale goes through because they do love the house and they just help bring to fruition the original idea and intent of this project so perfectly [Applause]

27 thoughts on “125-Year-Old House Renovation: Updated

  1. Beautiful restoration of a lovely old house in a charming neighborhood. Love it. Good job Poppa! 😍

  2. Absolutely amazing very satisfying video, perfect remodel. I love the mix of styles from space to space. Today I saw an open house in Shreveport Louisiana, house built in 1907 and I love it but it’s remodel is nowhere near this beautiful home.

  3. Looks awesome! Love seeing history preserved and beautified. Curious if you had to do much in terms of insulation to keep the place warm in the winter, as our old house has horrible insulation.

  4. Kudos on a job well done. I love what you did with the sewing machines from the tables. I've seen the tables turned into bathroom sink vanities before, but never what you did with the machines. I also love what you did with the basement. I have an old home with an unfinished basement and I'm keeping this video handy. Love what you did with the floor and the brick.

  5. How annoying is the train? I always wondered what the folks on Atwood thought about the freight trains rolling past their front yards all day.

  6. This is real talent and passion. I would love to muster the vision to do something like this to my own house.

  7. Has this house now been sold or will you put it on the market? Love it. Love it so much. Thank God for people like you who are will to preserve craftsmanship.

  8. Love this! I have an old home built in 1910 4 bedroom 3 bathrooms, in historic fort wayne indiana. Very fun eclectic neighborhood, I got so many great ideas from this video. Great job.

  9. Hi! I love all the creativity. We are about the buy a 100 y/o home that is bad shape. Did you have to remove any leaf paint. We have lots of lead paint that we need to remove. Looking for some suggestions or helpful hints.

  10. Love, love, love!!!! I love how you stayed true to the soul of this beautiful house and didn't paint it gray and white. I have a fundamental antipathy to neutrals!!

  11. Wonderful! You have shown much respect for the house and its era. Well done! From another 'old' home owner.

  12. I LOVE the exterior!! Finally someone has the guts to paint their old house something other than beige white or gray.

  13. I have a hundred + year old house and I also want to keep the old world feel but modernize to my taste. I love what you did with the sewing machine tables and the sewing machine light is amazing. Do you have more video on that repurposing project? I sew and would love to create a sewing room with your ideas. I'm going to watch your video again!

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