1. It's funny how some people subscribe to dislike the video like you wouldn't be able to dislike the video a few seconds after it was uploaded unless you were subscribed, so why would you subscribe to dislike a video? πŸ˜‚

  2. first world problems.. I have to turn the air conditioning up everyday but thermostats are programmable.. lol

  3. Who is your "FACT" checker. Cuz they need to be fired.
    Only made it halfway through and already 3/5 have been incorrect or important information omitted.

  4. Actually this mostly structural engineering fails. Architects need their designs approved by structural engineers so modifications can be made. If internal structure fails, it is at fault of the engineers for wrongly approving unsafe designs. Sometimes structural collapse is also due to impromper construction, cheap building material, interior or exterior damage, or simply old and neglected buildings.

  5. Afraid that's NOT the same St. Peter's Church that is beneath 601 Lexington Ave. (Citigroup Center); don't know WHERE you came up with that photo.

  6. The largest garment factory disaster in history?? Have there been a lot of those for one of them to be called the biggest? I guess you only need two. Have there been two?

  7. we live in las vegas n my husband worked on City Center that the Vadara is part of while it was being constructed, he does fancy acoustical ceilings. He knew during construction that curve was more than likely gonna b a problem

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