100 thoughts on “1 Dead, 3 Missing After Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction In New Orleans Collapsed | MSNBC

  1. Is this the quality of so called "American Ingenuity"? LOL. American products and construction are really going downhill these days. Americunts can't even build high speed rail with a limited length, americunt products are worthless just like their Boeing737max and their pathetic iPhones with no innovation at all. Americunts bridges, subways, highways, bridges and buildings are dilapidated, third world level and collapsing everyday… Lol

  2. The families of those who died, greatly appreciate all of the Drumpf/GOP deregulation, bet they'll vote for all of them again next year.

  3. 2 things come to mind: either lack of or poorly-followed regulations, and chinese building materials. chinese steel etc – its all crap

  4. Well, this is what happens when regulations and standards are done away with. It's what the contractors wanted, and drumph and the republicans came through for them. Low Bid contracts are bad enough, but when you throw out the rules, regulations, and inspection, disaster is what you get.

  5. The crane attachment to the building's edge was inadequately supported. When it lifted it's load, half the building pancaked down on itself! The crane operator stayed inside as it fell, and he did survive.
    See the actual collapse, caught on amateur video here :
    ( https://youtu.be/MhIFeUJ6S7c ) WARNING! : It's rough footage to watch. You can hear workers screaming for help. (*Not for kiddie viewing!*)

  6. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/these-are-bad-people-these-are-evil-people-president-trump-speaks-out-on-obama-and-entire-spygate-scandal-audio/
    there are other things collapsing..

  7. Construction in the USA sucks.. A home in my town is 260,000 and it wont even stand a storm. Sticks and cards board.

  8. Fakenews MSNBC covers up for rapists, racists and homophobes that they employ. Matt Lauer, Chris Matthew's, Joy Reid and AL Sharpton. If you trust them then you are just as evil as them. Cheers from Toronto

  9. What is going on in USA these days?
    It's almost like there is no building code in USA.
    This is something you would expect to see in a 3rd world country.

  10. I worked on the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa Oklahoma makes you wonder if they've got a design flaw in all of them.


  12. Reminds me of FIU bridge collapse in Miami shoddy work and inspector let it go by to pad someone's pocket they should be ashamed JT

  13. At one time we could build a 1200 foot skyscraper in 13 months that would withstand a plane impact.
    Today we can't even keep a 10 story hotel or pedestrian bridge standing till it opens!!

  14. Someone cut a lot of corners. Truly tragic for those killed and injured….but imagine if this building somehow survived construction and actually opened before this happened.

  15. If this is a brand-new of a hotel right here how come that that that that the engineer that they didn't see this one coming that this shouldn't be a very carefully to be responsibility but it looks like it that they didn't check very good I don't understand I so want he's going to be a blaming here for whoever they are

  16. Fingers are pointing. Poorly engineered, Inspectors not doing their job . Hard to believe it could be built that far into the job and no one saw big red flag warning signs.

  17. What a frigging mess. Terrible. You should be able to go to work and EXPECT to go home again. Not die on the job. If there are 3 missing, they probably didn't survive, or are close to death now.

  18. When I stay in a big hotel I can't help but think of all the people, furniture and material above me and how hopelessly dead I would be if they all collapsed.

  19. @2:09, does the whole building have a bow or kink in it? I imagine the whole thing will probably need to come down, especially if improprieties are found either in the design or construction. Obviously a properly-engineered and constructed building wouldn't do that. It's almost like what appears to be a transfer girder gave way, but yet in the video, it looked like the classic 9/11 top-down progressive pancake collapse. It will be quite interesting to see what the investigation uncovers and if this is the only building with whatever fatal flaw it is. You used to see this kind of thing with cast-in-place concrete and contractors rushing the cure time, but this is a steel-framed building. Very, very concerning. I'm not a structural engineer, but it looks like they were trying to "do more with less" in that regard. Some of those spans are quite long.

  20. Well, at least you can't blame this on white people because there were approx. not a single %^&*ing one working on that labor force. All immigrants and a few unfortunate black people. With the black people being the only competent people on the job but they were outnumbered by the shithole migrants.


  22. The cosmopolitan in the Las Vegas city center went through a period of oh no they did what? With the structural steel in the floors going up midway. There was talk about tearing it down and starting over. It was never fixed, or it was fixed just a matter of how you look at it. During the city centers(the whole complex of buildings) construction there was a life lost per month because it really was a situation where the project was more important to management than the lives of the construction crews. It was stupid They tried to operate like it was a military campaign. Rogue units carpenters, brick layers, it could have been sheet rockers or structural crews pushing ahead and forcing others to advance ready or not. These projects need professional project coordination not straw boss pushers. Construction in the United States really is a crazy unregulated nightmare. For the tradesman its a brutal experience everyday to be expected to work in conditions that are inexcusable, but not reported on because no one would believe people in the United States work in such filthy unsafe conditions as tradesmen do to create luxury and comfort for an ungrateful population. Thank you for your service should be expanded to cover people who are used up and considered disposable by construction companies after each job.
    The reason there is a shortage of skilled labor in the United States is because most fathers aren't passing the torch to their sons and daughters. Tradesman are treated like third class citizens, it was okay when the pay was there, but now it isn't. Wages Havn't kept up with the cost of living.

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