030 Outsourcing Your Fiverr Orders

hi guys so in this video I'd like to talk a bit about outsourcing your orders from Fiverr so um I have done that and it's definitely possible and you can do that too and I hope it works for you as well so this only really makes sense if you have 20 plus orders in Hue and all the time or if you get like three to five new orders per day and there's this platform it's called up work I think previously it was oDesk and all you could also use Elance but I think they even join so it doesn't really matter and so I opened up this job offer and yeah as you can see I said I need a logo designer can design two to five simple overs a day and I'm offering a 350 per logo which isn't a lot of course but you know in some parts of the world it's still not that low and he can earn up to $17 per day which isn't bad you know I am created at some point in my life I created ebook covers for $4 and fiber and that was it I didn't even sell a lot of geeky extras or something like that so for person who doesn't have a huge portfolio or doesn't have a lot of reference work or something it's probably cool for that person to expand their portfolio a bit and just get a bit of experience in the job so yeah so I said I am offering 350 per logo and what is really important I also need the source files in case I need to change anything because of course it won't be perfect every time not every logo will be super cool or something so we will need the source files and that's very important not on to make changes but also if you want to sell um for example some gig extras because that's the only way how we can make profit here because otherwise um if you get four dollars from five and you give him 350 then of course our profit is $0.50 and that's not a lot and so we need the source files to sell and some gig extras to make real profit here so we could sell the source files itself or we could create other files from it like for example print quality files and logo mock-ups and stuff like that so we definitely need the source files now of course this doesn't always work with all types of services for example it won't work with voiceovers of course it won't work with block content because what do you want to sell as gig extras there's not much room for profit on your side so I think maybe it only works with logo design maybe with evil cover design if you're if if you have a good idea what you could sell as a gig extra but it works pretty well with logo designs so yeah I am said I of I offer 350 per logo and I want the source files now I got a bunch of applications actually I think 15 or something and but I have to be honest most of them weren't that good and of course you are looking for somebody who can maybe create these types of design works as good as you or better so I'm but I found somebody and he was pretty good and it was a pretty nice guy from Bangladesh I think and if you said yeah I can do this job and I started working with him of course you also want to check the delivery time because this only really works if you have a delivery time of say five days plus so a minimum of five days because there will be some back and forth and if yeah if if you need to communicate with your freelance and with a client and stuff like that and it can take a few days and don't set it two or three days or something because this can get you into trouble so I think five days is the minimum if you are having a third person involved in one project so all right and once the job is done and the client is happy you can pay your freelancer also here over up work and now I won't show you everything and because it's pretty self explaining and yeah you will find other tutorials about working with up work but it's pretty easy actually you just post a job offer and you will get a lot of applications pretty soon so alright so how I did this was I am I used one or list to do this now one list is a just a simple and beautiful task manager and what I did is I just created a new list a task list and I called it logo design doesn't really matter and here you can invite somebody to that list and I am I typed in the email address of my freelancer and so he could join this list and all the tasks tasks that are in this list he will see as well so I won't do that now but and you can do that and what I did is every time I got a new order I just created a new task in this list so I opened up this order here from Lucy we already completed and I will just copy this order number and I will create a new task now I will set a due date and it's probably good to set it like one or two days before the actual deadline of the fiber order and so you have some time to fix some stuff if you have to if the logo doesn't look as you want or you can change some things so I will just select the random date here and I will click enter now your freelance I will see that task as well and you can click on it and what I will do is now I will just copy all of that stuff including my own M instructions here and I will copy it to that note here in the tasks so this note is now attached on that task so I'm when your freelancer goes in here you will see that that new task and he will click on it and he will see exactly what he needs to do of course you have to explain all of that beforehand what you are expecting and what all of that means but once you're freely and understands that and after a few auras he will be really good at this and it's really simple so once he's finished he can just attach a file here you can just attach the source files or whatever service you're outsourcing you can even attach a Dropbox file and once he's done he can also rename it and say hash tag done and that's a pretty efficient way of organizing all these orders so you can search for honors that are done and of course now this one is showing up so if you have like 30 orders in here it's a great way to keep track of all the orders and their status if they are completed or if they are not and it's a pretty efficient way of doing this I really can only recommend it of course it's not the only way or maybe not the best way I don't know it's my way and yeah I hope this works for you as well and so let me know what you think of this if you have any questions regarding Wunderlist or upwork or 5 em please write me a message and yeah I hope you enjoyed this lesson and thanks bye

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