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Hey Jennifer Yoingco of Texas Home Group
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notification bell, so soon as I upload it, you’ll receive it. For today’s topic, it’s
all about what are the pros and cons of buying a house versus building a house
or is it cheaper to buy a house or build a house. Let’s explore it right now. The
pros and cons of building a house. For the pros, you get to customize your own
house, choose your finish and you choose your timeline, also if you don’t have
enough money saved for a down payment or closing cost, building a house will give
you more time to save, since it takes around 5 to 6 months to get the
keys. In addition that it’s brand new, it
smells good clean and you’ll be the first homeowners. Most homes have
bumper-to-bumper warranty which means that owning the home for the first year
the Builder will cover majority of the repairs and also it’s relieving
you from the headache right? Sometimes they also provide closing cost
contributions and incentives and appliance package as part of their
promotion. On the other hand, the following cons of building a house are –
first it’s more expensive, you’re paying a premium to build a house, similar
square footage compared to an existing home. It’s similar to buying a brand new
car, you eat up the depreciation the first year already of buying it right? Second
it takes longer wait time till you move in because of the 5 to 6 month wait
time to build it, so if you are in a hurry to move out from your in-laws
right? Then this might not be for you. There are also times that the builders
have what they call inventory homes and these homes usually can close within 30
days or earlier depending on your loan if you pay cash
or if you have a loan, so it really depends on that, but overall I mean you
don’t also get to choose your finishes. Secondly, the landscape is not mature so
the only way to offset that if you build a house on a wooded lot. How about buying
a house – a resale or existing one. What are the pros and cons. The pros are the
following: First, home is usually in move-in condition with upgrades. Second
the landscape is more mature.Third definitely cheaper in terms of square
footage. Fourth, provided there no title and loan issues
it typically closes within 30 days and you get the keys which is good news
right? While the cons are – the finishes might not be the ones you like, for
example paint and wallpaper etc. It’s older, so possible there will be
maintenance and repair issues example high ticketed items like roof, kitchen
might be outdated, HVAC needs to be replaced, water heater needs to be replaced,
etc. So what do you think? Is it cheaper to buy or build a house? Did you like
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38 thoughts on “⭐Pros and cons of building a house vs buying a house | Buy vs Build

  1. Good thoughts! We've always picked location first, so we usually end up buying instead of building! We like mature trees and neighborhoods, but it would be fun to customize our fixtures, though.

  2. Buyers often don't consider things like fence, deck, blinds, appliances and finished basement when looking at the 2! Great points in your video!

  3. Great Subject ! Excellent points on both sides ! I find a lot of people want new. Older is cheaper, and usually have better locations !

  4. It can be exciting to customize your house, but I prefer moving into an established neighborhood. The timing would be an issue too, once I decided to move – I would prefer to move quickly rather being delayed for several months or longer. Thanks for outlining the pros and cons Jennifer!

  5. We built are last house but generally, I think buying resale is a much better investment. You pay a premium to get to pick out your own options.

  6. Excellent points! Any homebuyer should weigh down the pros and cons of both options to know which one suits them. Thanks for the breakdown Jennifer!

  7. Whether you buy or build, there are pros and cons to each. Jennifer explains the advantages and disadvantages for each option so you can make an informed decision. Excellent video Jennifer. Thanks

  8. Great video, offering excellent comparison and pro's and con's when it is time to decide what to do: build a house or buy an older home.

  9. No matter what you're thinking of buying, whether it's pre-existing or new construction, you need to do your homework ahead of time! Great video!

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