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okay today let’s talk about the
Sacramento housing market okay last July 2018 we saw a lot of buyers
that were really enthusiastic at the start of summer kind of bail out on the
market pull out on the sidelines to basically say timeout I want to see
what’s going on this market before I jump in now those buyers have put their
little pinky in the pool and decided to come back in which is making this market
look really good right now one of the key reasons for that interest rates are
at a low I mean that’s all you can kind of say they’re really really low which
is one of the fantastic reasons that this market is looking really good
especially for summertime a lot of those buyers there said hey you know what
we’re done for a little while because every thought instead of themselves well
you know what last year I was getting quoted around five now I’m getting
quoted around four it’s making a lot more sense for us to jump in a lot of my
house chores that I’m doing right now work with those type of buyers and it’s
making the market really really a lot more active so this is one of the
reasons why the market is doing fantastic another amazing cool fact
right now is that the median home price in Sacramento went from 350 to 354 which
means it’s climbing it’s not as good as it was last September but it’s still
doing fantastic so this is encourage a lot of people who are thinking to buy
that maybe this will continue other thing the elections which always slows
down a real estate market it’s looking really really good
now I get a lot of people asking me well okay is there any more indicators that
we can tell about how the markets doing what else to always tell people is this
straight up Sacramento’s market tends to mirror the
Bay Area’s market if the Bay Area is doing really really good Sacramento’s
market is normally as well so look at the bay area market right now they’re
also increasing in the median home price as well is it as good as last year no
it’s not as good as last year but it is increasing now for me as a realtor I
expected that last year interest rates were going sky-high and I said to myself
you know what 2019 is probably not gonna be a great year but because of the
freezing rates and the rates being brought really low low down it’s changed
and now in the Bay Area market in Sacramento markets as well you’re seeing
all of a sudden the median home prices which is one of the greatest indicators
on how a market is doing increase so guys the school bell has just chimed
you’re thinking about going out there to look for houses guess what it’s a great
time to do it because inventory also is increasing all right guys if you have
any questions let me know please subscribe if you liked this video I’ll
be talking a little bit about the Sacramento real estate market real
estate in general and that’s it have a good one

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