⛵️We had a surprise with our engine bilge!! #110

Well, there is a mystery on our sailboat
that we really don’t know how to explain. But we wanna show you. So, let’s go inside. I don’t know if you can properly see but
this is the engine bilge and it’s in perfect condition. It’s so weird. How does the engine bilge
is perfect if it was full of water full of diesel of oil…? A lot of things but we don’t know what actually. Alga… everything you can imagine. And the diesel tank that was closed with diesel… it was in a bad shape. But the bilge, I don’t know. We really really don’t know how to explain it. But it wasn’t like this, cleaned like this
since the beginning. The truth is… When we bought the boat it was like this and we were afraid of what we were gonna find underneath of all that liquid, that we
didn’t really know what it was. And that’s what we’re gonna show you
today. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Well, and now comes the dirty part. I need to clean this little guy there, that’s completely dirty. So… I don’t know how I’m gonna do this yet. I’m gonna use this little guy here. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna use
this paper ones. But it’s a lot of oil. I don’t know… I’m gonna show you. Cloth wipes So, she’s trying to get… I think if the former owner didn’t have put the anti fungus, fungicide, in the tank it would be like this. The same as this. So this is really really dirty. That’s all underneath the engine. Right there. Let’s see if you can see it. I’ve tried to show them it. Basically, what we’re trying to do… I mean, what she is trying to do because I’m clean. I’m doing other things right now. So, what she’s trying to do is to clean underneath the engine. So we know if there is any oil leaking in the future. We want to have it all clean on the bottom. But it’s really really tricky to access there. But she is really fin and
it’s easier. And she has long arms. I don’t know if you noticed that but… she has really long arms It’s true. It’s cute though. It’s pretty cute. She can even reach there. That’s pretty good. I guess that’s it for this part. And I need to go to the other one. But it’s much better actually. Do you wanna put some light there and show them how it is? Let me get some light there. Just give me a sec. So basically… Wow! That looks really good! That’s why I was telling you to go there. So, that’s what she was cleaning. There is only this spot on the corner we didn’t clean. I need long arms for that. Sure. But it actually looks really good, not bad at well. It’s amazingly good. No rust at all, it’s 100% rust free. Yey! That’s’s really really exciting. We had no idea if we were gonna find rust underneath that oil. But I guess the oil just lubricate and we had no rust. Look the amount of oil I took off. It’s like 3 liters I guess. More, it’s like maybe 4 liters of oil. I’m not sure if it’s just oil or oil with some water. But there were some… things on there. Algas, maybe. But it looks much much much better
than before. That’s great. Nice job. She’s everywhere. She is like two persons, right? She cleans here, there, everywhere. I have a twin. Oh! You’re twin? Yeah. (*But not) Wow! It’s really really really deep here. Can I see it? It’s deeper than it seems? Yeah. Do you wanna see it? Yeah. Just go forward. This is my hand. 4 fingers. Just be careful with…. It’s smelling bad actually. So… the main problem is how to get to that place. The main problem is how to get to that place there. So I got a wooden stick and I’m gonna try to do it with this wooden stick. Let’s see if it works. It didn’t work that well. So, let’s try something else!! We’re gonna apply some degrease and
leave it until tomorrow with some water. On the next day!! On the next day!! Powder soap + liquid soap + water And here is the final result!! Is that good? Yeah. It seemed that it was a quick job to do,
right? Not really. Actually took like a few
days to do that. It seems that only she worked, right? She worked a lot, really really
hard. That was stinky. That was the most stinky liquid we have ever seen, that was like water with diesel with I don’t know… A lot of things. Alga… some bugs inside, probably. But it wasn’t just me that worked… We had a lot off camera working because that took a long time to do. We actually did it in a few turns… like we
cleaned, we filled it with water that we didn’t film… Then we took the water off
and filled it with water and took the water off. That was like a few steps. It took so long that we did other things in between this things. What was the biggest task we did in between? We closed
the top of the engine room. I don’t know if you noticed this, if you have
good eyes… That in the beginning of the video clip we had the hatch on the top of the engine room opened. And by the end we had it closed. Yeah, it was a milestone for us. That was a huge milestone
because for months we just stepped on eggs. Because it was dangerous that every time we step in the cockpit we could fall on the top of engine. Now it feels
like we can walk around freely and safely. So so. We have the screws like this and it’s dangerous for the feet. But it’s lot better already. It’s lot better. But now what are you gonna show you is how we closed the top of the engine room, the hatch. So, enjoy it. It’s about time for the truth. So, do you think it’s gonna work out? I hope so. Let’s see if it works. Can you put it on the floor and just… In the end it’s pretty good. So, what’s this? This is the hatch for the engine that we
took off cockpit. So now we need to just create the holes and we have the seal back. That’s just the seal (AKA gasket) of the hatch. I think it’s pretty good actually. And we just need to glue this with Sika, polyurethane. Time for the holes. That’s it. Hope it’s right. It is right. It’s good. This is where the hatch will go!! Diesel Engine We were so lucky this time. It’s so good when we are lucky. Imagine that… The diesel tank was in a really good situation to have no rust: it was full of diesel, almost full of diesel, almost no air inside, it was locked… So we thought it would have no rust. And there was rust. And then we were like… so if there is rust on the diesel tank can you imagine the bilge from the engine that’s open, there is air everywhere, there is water, algas and rust from the engine on the top that could fall on the… Pretty much we took a lot of time to clean that because we were afraid of what we were gonna find underneath. And if we find rust that would be a lot of work. We would need probably to take the engine off there. It was a lot of work even though. But it’s just cleaning work. Cleaning work is
one thing. Not cleaning, a lot of dirty. But I mean it was just cleaning. I know. But cleaning is one thing taking rust
off underneath the engine with a deep bilge that would be a lot worse. So
that was great. We’re really really really excited. I don’t know… Maybe on the other side of
the screen is just like… Yeah, you’ve just cleaned a bilge, right? For us that’s like an achievement. Sorry for the noise, it’s someone outside. But for us it’s just like a huge huge achievement that we at least have a bilge that’s so good. And now as we said before we can see if there is any oil leak. Now we are able to
know because we have a clean canvas to work. That’s pretty good. But I think that’s a wrap because we just did to much already. No, we have great news… apart of this great news we have another great news. So, for this we need to go outside. So, let’s go outside. So, the great news is we sold our mast!! I mean, our former mast, because it’s not ours anymore. One of our subscribers contacted us saying that he’s building a 36 foot steel sailboat and he wanted to buy our mast. That’s pretty cool. But the problem is he’s really
really really far away in Brazil. It’s almost at Amazon forest. It’s almost a different country. He’s on the south bottom of the Amazon forest (2450km from where we are). And he said he wants to buy the mast and also the boom, the spinnaker pole… what else? The furler. The furler and maybe… an ancor. We have 3. We have 3 anchors and we want to sell one of
them. And that’s great news because… It’s good to sell the mast because it’s one less thing to worry about and also because we are really excited to sell to someone
that’s building by himself a steel sailboat, that was always my dream. So, we’re really really proud that our mast is gonna be in a home built boat, that’s really really cool. And we one day want to meet him and just stop side by side and I don’t know… cook a meal on the boat. That would be great. And to see our own mast again. Well, I guess that’s it for this week. But before we go let’s welcome
about our new Patrons. That’s really good. So, welcome on board Chumly, Gavino, Jon, Cyndi, Jessica, Pilgram. And we also wants to thank Thomas, that made a donation through PayPal. Guys, thanks so much. We really really really appreciate the support. And we see you guys next week. We see you guys next week. Join the crew

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  36. At Texas dollar stores we can sometimes buy squirters. They are about 2 feet long and an inch wide. One of them would empty the bilges quicker with less work.

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